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Try This home treatment will REMOVE your Scars and Stretch Marks

If you did not live your life under glass bell, then you must have scars. Some may serve as daily children and you want to keep those. Apart from that memory there are those ugly scars surgery scars or stretch marks and if you’re small like me who would love to eliminate most of them, of course, of course!

remove scars with these natural solutions

What I have found few are solution – completely natural that helped me and still help! Probably you should star with old scars. scarsfa-1024x433

How to remove the old scar

is no coincidence that can do once that forms on the skin, but what I found and recommended by Barbara Close author of Pure Skin (Chronicle, 2005) is the use of products with incense can heal and regenerate skin.

How to remove the fresh scar

calendula cream, which is rich in flavonoids, helps strengthen the skin. Used together with vitamin E oil; its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties soften skin and promote healing.

Stretch Marks Removal

Try to gotu kola (Centella asiatica), an ayurvedic herb that has antibiotic properties and wound healing. Take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of tincture a day, or 300 to 400 mg daily in capsule form

For the prevention of scar

For the prevention of scar you can use honey. This honey has antibacterial properties that protect the wound infection – The most important for the prevention of scar formation. Because vitamin C helps honey with the fastest rate of tissue regeneration and suppression of inflammation.

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Applying for a cut Aloe Vera also works well when it comes to scar prevention; allantoin in the aloe plant stimulates the growth of new cells.

The Try this home treatment will eliminate your scars and stretch marks appeared for the first time in My healthy life Vision .

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