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Try it: Natural prescription against wrinkles – a fantastic effect for 7 days!

This homemade cream is perfect for skin care: hydrates It softens the skin, reduces wrinkles and slows the aging process of the skin. Their advantage – natural ingredients and safety. Suitable for all skin types. Results are already visible just 7 days. Those who respectfully treat your skin will love this cream. The recipe is simple and really surprising.

To prepare the cream is required:

1 tablespoon almond or olive oil
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon honey
2 teaspoon gelatin pharmacy oil (vaseline)

rides image How cream is prepared:

Vaseline dissolved in water vapor. It will take a few minutes. Remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients :. Honey, egg yolk and oil

All ingredients thoroughly mixed. Stir for a few minutes until a homogeneous mixture.

transfer the mixture into a plastic box, can be an old box of cream and box of 50 ml is sufficient (1.70 oz.).

soft, massage movements applied on clean skin. After 30 minutes, remove the remnants of the cream with a cotton swab dampened with mineral water or a wet handkerchief to her face.

This cream can serve as an excellent means of rejuvenating facial massage.

Note: The cream is absorbed into the skin for more than an hour, so that should be applied to the face 2 hours before bedtime. The cream stored in a refrigerator. When consumed, and if you are satisfied, you can make a new measure. Since all natural ingredients, they do a double measure immediately, so they do not spoil.

Be beautiful!

also recommend that you look at some tips on preventing wrinkles and reducing their number.

Small network of wrinkles, atonic, flaccid skin of the lower eyelid, and order bags under the eyes, make sickening face. Very often this is not the result of fatigue, but also a symptom of the disease; in this case, you should contact your doctor.

to get rid of bags under the eyes at the time and so the lack of less noticeable can help mask from potatoes. A medium potato grid and the resulting mass Apply on clean skin of the lower eyelid. After 20 minutes of washing with cold water and apply the cream eyelid.
also helps cover from potatoes, bags under the eyes, if not disturbed, and the skin of the lower eyelid is inert, dead, covered with a fine network of wrinkles. In this case, the potatoes should be cooked in shell, puree, add 1 teaspoon of sour cream, and heat applied to the skin, from the outer corners of the eyes. After 20 minutes wash with cold water. Damp skin apply the cream for eyelids.

The mixture of wrinkles that prevent

Strawberry juice – 50 ml of cucumber juice – (. 1.70 oz) 50 ml, salicylic acid – 0.6 g (0.2 oz.), 70% alcohol – water 100 ml (3.0 oz.) -. 50 ml (1.70 oz.) With this mixture rubs his face, but it’s even better if you contact through a thin layer of cotton wool and put it on the face for 5-10 minutes. For oily skin alcohol is used and dry water with wine.

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The mask of yeast

yeast, rich in vitamins B, has the effect of toning the skin, improves blood circulation and processes exchange of substances, clean the pores. Recommended for normal, oily and dry skin. Knead half a cube of yeast, gradually add the hot milk to the consistency of sour cream (for normal skin), vegetable oil (for dry skin), 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide (for the skin grease). The mixture in the layers applied to the face, the mask hold 20 minutes.
then removed with warm water.


great cosmetic agent. cooked beans, mixed with lemon juice and vegetable oil gives the skin the necessary nourishment, wrinkle removal.


onions are used to prevent the formation of wrinkles and removing wrinkles that have already appeared. To this fat with the following composition is used :. Onion juice, juice of a white lily flowers, white wax (all at 30 g), heated in a crock pot on low heat and mix all with wooden stirrer


Aloe leaf turn pureed and add 5 cups of water. Leave it on for an hour. Then boil for 2-3 minutes and strain through two layers of cheesecloth. (If long maintained, boiled again.) Used as a coating for preventing wrinkles.

recommended to prevent wrinkles compresses applied for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week biostimulation of freshly prepared juice from the aloe leaf. The method of preparation is as follows. Cut the lower leaves of the plant. Rinse with water and dry. Allow 12 days in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place. After starting the leaves (blackened throw away). Grind them and squeeze the juice through a double layer of cheesecloth. Use immediately.

Good tool for toning – saline solution (1/2 teaspoon salt in a glass of water). This solution soak a cotton ball and gently rub the face and neck. For very thin skin instead of taking saline solution 2-3% of tannin.

From media to improve circulation of the skin in the first place is the heat. In the morning after washing face, put on the face and keep warm compress for 2-3 minutes. Wipe with a towel or wash with cold water.

To avoid wrinkling recommend washing movements from the bottom up, and eyes -. In the direction of the house to the nose

St. John Grass Oil

Pour 5 g of crushed flowers St. John’s wort with 50 ml of olive oil, leave for 2 weeks in a cool, then strain. It is used to prevent wrinkling of dry skin.


slice of ripe quince perform facial massage. It is used for wrinkled skin and aging.


mashed ripe banana, add sour cream and after mixing add the potato flour, the density of sour cream. Before placing a mask eyelids nourishing cream lubricated. The prepared mass is applied to the skin in a thin layer, after drying recoating, especially where there are wrinkles. Top face covered with gauze or a thin layer of cotton wool. Mask hold for 30-40 minutes, then remove the cotton wool ball soaked in warm water. It is recommended for dry skin. It is used every day. A total of 10 treatments. After 1-2 months can be repeated.

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For wrinkles coating, especially around the eyes, used tea from fresh leaves of birch: leaves placed in a cup, pour cold water, let stand for 8 hours, strain


Mix 1/4 cup of grape juice with the same amount as raw milk.
In the immersion liquid layer of cotton wool and put on your face. Face covered with a towel. Remove after 15-20 minutes, slightly dry skin and apply the cream. mask for wrinkles is recommended.

Wild Strawberry

For dry skin, that is climbing and ironing wrinkles make a mask equally wild strawberry fruits and honey.

By the appearance of wrinkles mask is recommended that 1/4 cup of milk and the same amount of juice of wild strawberries. A layer of cotton wool soaked in this mixture, put on face for 15-20 minutes. Cover with gauze. After removing the cover, skin a little rub and apply a nourishing cream.


In a yolk add 1 teaspoon of juice squeezed from the cleaned pumpkin. Mask applied to the face, after 15-20 minutes remove the first buffer soaked in hot, then cold water.

From the fresh cut zucchini, sliced ​​thin and long covered on the face and neck. For 20 minutes, remove them and wash your face with raw milk or soft water.

Finely grate potato and cucumber, mix and apply on face and neck. Hold for 20 minutes. Wash with water to which was added a little lemon juice and dry, greased with olive oil and make a massage. It is used for wrinkles on the face.

For wrinkled skin mask used equally (by 1 tablespoon lemon juice), carrot juice, yogurt and rice flour. The components are mixed well and apply on face. Make 2 times a week. A total of 20 treatments.

lemon finely chop, pour a glass of vodka, let stand for 8-10 days. A layer of cotton soaked and put on your face.

The face is useful to wash (especially in summer) water mixed with lime flower tea, green raspberry leaves (1 tablespoon per cup of hot water). If the tea is frozen from ice cubes rubbing obtained helps to address wrinkles.

For wrinkles on your face using a mask raspberry mixture and egg whites. In the beaten egg white add 2 teaspoons raspberry. This mixture is applied to the face and keep for 15-20 minutes. Wash in cold water.

One or two of grated carrot mixed with egg, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (olive or peach) and a little starch. Apply the mask on your face and neck for 15 minutes (for oily skin) or 30 minutes (for dry skin). Wash first with warm water and then with cold

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