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Tricks To Make Weaning Easy For You And Your Baby


weaning, in a nutshell, is the process of gradually introducing semi-solid and solid foods and reducing the frequency of breastfeeding. Weaning is ideally started when the baby is about 6 months. Since a baby used to the breast milk from the first day, it becomes difficult to stop suddenly one day. The process of making the baby eat semi-solid and then solid foods should be gradual and progression should be slow (over 4-6 months).

Here are some effective ways to help your baby against weaning:

1. Make your meal along with the baby and make your child eat the same foods you are eating, what they see and understand that they must also eat the same. In this way he / she will learn to test and try new things.

2. During the day, start offering the child soups, juices and finger foods cups / sniffer / bowl and spoon instead of breastfeeding for each meal.

3. Not Feed use a bottle . You could end up having the baby just hooked on the bottle in place.

4. Feed your baby properly at dinner time. Make sure he / she has had enough food. This is half the battle won.

5. Gradually the child offer more and more solid food from the age of 9 months; a 1 year old can eat all solid foods that are not too spicy.

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6. Give an hot bath for baby and put on a new pair of clothes and diapers at night. A hot bath generally calms the baby and induces sleep. A clean diaper will ensure that the baby does not wake up in the middle of the night due to wet diapers.

7. When the baby wakes in the middle of the night, if possible, Let the parent / child handle grandparents. This could help the baby to understand that he / she is not going to get breastfed at this time. This reinforces night stop blow jobs, which are the most difficult to stop.

8. If nothing works, you need to breastfeed him / her and this will only slow down the process of weaning.

The most important thing is to be patient and remember that this phase is temporary and soon your baby will get into the habit of accepting other foods besides breast milk. Stay healthy, stay happy with 1 mg, leading India shop online medical !

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