is very difficult to stop overeating. We need great self-control to eat smaller portions and to resist the desserts that are easily accessible. When all else fails, try this simple trick.

Some doctors say it can reduce the amount of food intake if you eat with the hand that we are not dominating.

would’re still learning how to use cutlery. Perhaps it is difficult for you to try to do it for every meal, but maybe you could try it on your main meal. That will help you not overeat more than the limit of satiety. Therefore it takes more time to eat a meal, and stomach will be given the opportunity to signal the brain that it is full.

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smaller plates help and a couple of other things

We know this sounds a little strange, but there is research that shows that this method can help not overeating. The survey conducted in 2011, participants were given popcorn – a new group to another group a week old. There was no difference in how the two groups ate. The second part of the experiment, when they had to eat popcorn with the nondominant hand, has shown that eating popcorn decreased by 30 percent.

But before attempting this experiment, try one of these tricks for fraud appetite -., For example, eating smaller meals

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After every bite, down covered, you have to eat at the table, turn off the TV and focus on the food. Chew each bite at least 50 times. Wait 20 minutes before the decision dessert, clean the table so that they do not go to eat even more.

After eating toothbrush or take a gum.

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