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Treatments and Home Remedies for Corns Feet

In this article, we are not only going to talk about home remedies for foot calluses, but also how to make the right treatments. foot calluses are referring to a particular symptom of skin thickening. The form of this symptom resembles a circle. Often it occurs when the skin is having excessive friction or pressure. As the name suggests, corns feet are especially on the feet. You can easily develop in the upper area, soles of the feet, toes sides feet, or sometime between the toes. However, make no mistake that similar symptoms may occur in other parts of the body.

Causes of Corns


Treatments and Home Remedies for Corns Feet

feet Corns develop for several reasons. One of those reasons is due to the use of inappropriate footwear. The use of this type of running shoes or walk long feet could expose the skin to pressure. For those of you who like to wear high heels or tight shoes also you need to be careful. If placed with the shoe, it is possible to let grow calluses feet. The other reason people often have this skin condition you are doing manual work or sports activities without socks. Since there is a protective layer between the skin feet and shoes, give excessive friction on the skin. However, you need not worry because you can take care of your feet with calluses home remedies for foot calluses.

Before we talk more about these home remedies for foot calluses, it is important that you know particular condition of the body that makes you vulnerable to this skin problem. As explained above, excessive pressure and friction are the main reason why foot calluses obtained. The risk is greater if you have hammertoes or bunions . People with scars, warts, or damaged skin diseases have good chance to have calluses you feet too. Based on medical research in human skin, diabetes and poor blood circulation also they have a high potential to acquire calluses feet.

Symptoms of Corns feet

The most common symptoms are calluses feet thick rough skin. The skin surface is raised in the form of protuberances. The designs of these bumps is difficult. When light pressure is applied over bumps, you may experience pain. Therefore, it is not comfortable if you try to use your feet to stand or walk. You can temporarily avoid pain by eliminating what causes pressure and friction on it. The tapas tripe or lotion may simply be able to treat them. If you want a permanent solution to this skin disease, you can try the following home remedies for foot calluses.

Remedies for Corns


1. Pumice

Apart from taking home remedies for foot calluses, you can apply massage using pumice. Pumice is able to remove dead skin. It is also capable of grinding hardened skin layer by layer. At the same time, increase recovery time and reduces pain. Proper treatment begins with soaking feet calluses with hot water for 10 minutes so that the skin becomes smooth and harden. Rub other blows gently with a pumice stone aside. After five minutes, you have to dry your feet. Place cotton balls that have been soaked in castor oil. Wrap with a clean bandage and leave it there overnight. Remove the bandage when you wake up in the morning. Repeat the same process every night until you get satisfied result.

2. White vinegar

As a natural liquid with high acidity, white vinegar is one of the most effective home remedies for foot calluses. The acid in white vinegar can soften hard calluses feet. The antibacterial property that is able to prevent infection as well. Mix white vinegar with water and passes over bumps. Immediately wrap it with an adhesive bandage. After overnight, you can be removed early in the morning. The application of coconut oil or olive oil as a moisturizer is also recommended.

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3. Sodium bicarbonate

As home remedies for foot calluses sodium bicarbonate works by exfoliating dead skin cells. Also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent subsequent infections. To take advantage of these health benefits, it is necessary to pour the baking soda in hot water. Soak adjustment on it for up to 15 minutes. Remove dead skin cells by rubbing pumice in it. Alternatively, you can also combine baking soda with water and lemon juice into thick paste. Apply the paste on the affected area and left there overnight area. Secure paste using adhesive bandage.

4. Lemon

is necessary to mention the lemon on the list of natural home remedies for foot calluses. You can simply apply lemon juice on the bumps harden until it is completely absorbed by the skin. On the other hand, create a thick paste of lemon juice and yeast. Apply the thick past that has made calluses on his feet for the night, ensuring that the use of bandage. Citric acid contained in the lemon can effectively soften calluses.

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5. Garlic

Other good home remedies for calluses feet to be treated is garlic. It is natural source of antibacterial antifungal, antioxidant, and prevents infection in his feet calluses. To perform the treatment, tooth slices simply rub the affected area garlic. Wrap with bandage and remove it after the overnight. Another recommended treatment is by creating toothpaste garlic and salt. Cover the dough with bandage and remove it three days later. Another recipe for this treatment thick paste is made from garlic and vinegar.

6. turpentine oil

Due to its strong antiseptic substance, turpentine oil is classified as home remedies for corns feet that can be tested. Since turpentine oil can easily penetrate the skin, it is able to cure his corns feet faster. Simply rub turpentine oil by potholes. Note that you need to apply cold compresses beforehand. Let the turpentine oil absorbed by the skin overnight. Another treatment is by combining with turpentine camphor oil and coconut oil extra virgin which has been preheated before. Wash your feet with warm water and apply this mixture.

7. Papaya

Papaya is the tropical fruit on the list of natural home remedies for foot calluses. For easy treatment, juicing papaya. Use cotton balls to absorb a small amount of juice. Put it in the affected and wrapped with a bandage area. Remove the bandage after overnight and exfoliate dead skin cells by using pumice. Papaya is rich in enzymes that can peel off dead skin cells. The best of this substance is that it is also relieve pain caused by foot calluses effectively. Note that you have to use raw papaya for this treatment.

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8. Licorice

According to remedies home for corns feet are in the ancient scriptures, licorice can cure this skin problem due to the substance it contains. Since licorice is sold in powder form these days, you can create a thick paste of powder of this oil and mustard. Before bed, apply the paste on the affected area and covered with a dressing area. You can remove the bandage after overnight. Clean your feet in warm water washing. effective blows size will decrease.

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9. Turmeric

Although most people only know that the kitchen as popular ingredient turmeric is also categorized as home remedies for foot calluses. Create thick paste by combining honey and turmeric powder. Apply the paste on the pimples and let it dry for a moment. Repeat three times daily. alternative recipe thick paste that can be used is turmeric powder and aloe vera gel. Cover with a bandage soon after applying the paste on the affected area. After one night, remove the bandage and rub with pumice. After application of the moisturizer is also recommended.

10. Pineapple

In addition to papaya, pineapple is the second tropical fruit on the list of home remedies for foot calluses. In this treatment, peel pineapple instead of meat is needed. It contains special enzymes that are able to clear calluses feet. After removing the peel pineapple flesh, he puts calluses on his feet so that the inside make direct contact with your skin feet. Cover with a bandage and leave it there overnight. Remove the bandage in the morning and wash it with clean water. Apply coconut oil as a moisturizer.

More tips

Home remedies for corns feet above are able to get rid of calluses feet effectively. In some cases, corns feet feeling acute pain inflicted. In order to relieve pain, soak your feet in Epsom salt corns. The pain is inflicted by the friction that occurs in the bumps harden. In order to prevent this from happening, you can cover the bumps by using sanitary napkins or bandage. shoes suitable size are also recommended to reduce the chance of foot calluses getting worse. You walk barefoot is also not recommended.

As you can see, some home remedies for corns feet require the following applies moisturizer. For moisturizer, you use olive oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter. The moisturizer is able to smooth out the bumps. If no remaining moisture it needs, the skin cells become dehydrated and begin to make the skin hardens. It is also important to note that it is necessary to trim toenails regularly. This process is necessary because it could give additional pressure on your toe when shoes are used.

Some people who suffer from corns feet are unwisely shave hard knocks. this method is not recommended because the wound is open. It could lead to infection and make the condition worse. To avoid worse, wash your feet with soap toilet regularly. The will of soap kills bacteria and viruses on the surface of the skin of the feet. Note that you must use clean water from this process. The recommended foot washing time is before going to sleep. During this particular time, feet skin is to rest and not do any activity. If the skin is not in good clean condition, bacteria and viruses can develop infection. After taking some of these home remedies for corns feet but this skin condition has not healed, you should consult with your doctor immediately.


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