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Top Home Remedies For Gout

Home Remedies For Gout

Gout is a complex disease and is seen more in men. Women are also affected after menopause. Usually, due to high levels of uric acid in the blood. When symptoms of a gout attack are experienced, it is mainly due to the accumulation of uric acid in the blood. It is deposits in the joint that causes gout. It is a result of the purine metabolism characterized by high levels of uric acid in blood disorder. acute arthritis occurs after the deposition of sodium urate crystals in connective tissues and articular cartilage. It is often inherited as well. When urate crystals accumulate in the joints causing swelling, inflammation and pain.

The causes of gout pain

The causes that contribute to gout can be many:
• When one is obese they are likely to develop such a condition
• When alcohol is consumed greatly, especially beer, can lead to gout
• If one pursues a diet that is high in meat and seafood can aggravate this condition
• Those who follow the low calorie diet, with high protein intake and lead a passive life are susceptible to gout
• are likely to trigger gout, found drinks with high fructose than women who consumed drinks with high fructose are likely to develop drop
• chronic renal conditions
• hypertension
• hypothyroidism
• lead poisoning
There are several other factors that can aggravate the condition in the body that causes gout.

symptoms of gout

The symptoms of gout are acute and come without notice. Most patients experience pain and discomfort in the night:
• You experience severe pain in the hands, wrists, knees, feet and ankles. The big toe is affected most in such cases. The affected areas feel warm or hot
• When an attack of gout is left untreated, it appears and disappears for a couple of days.
• The affected areas can be felt itching and flaking of the skin have.
• The joints swell, look red and tender and these areas the patient experiences the most pain
• The affected area becomes red or purple
• The affected joints make it difficult to move and one limits their movement

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Top home Remedies for gout

gout is a condition that can be controlled and limited largely to make the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle. Since it is caused or aggravated by certain habits and choices we make, appropriate remedies lead one to lead a life free of such a condition.

1. Maintain body weight

must reduce weight as obesity is a contributing factor for gout. If you have a healthy weight to be able to prevent further attacks.
• It is necessary to healthy ways to lose weight
• A crash diet should be avoided
• One should follow the methods of moderate diet groups foods low in fat and moderate in protein

2. Drinking water and healthy fluids

is necessary to increase water intake will have the following benefits:
• This will help remove the urate crystals that accumulate in the joints
• formation of kidney stones should be avoided, which can also occur in such a condition

3. Avoid alcohol

you should avoid intake of alcohol, which causes the body to retain urate
• high amounts of alcohol can cause gout
• can worsen any condition gout existence
consumption wine has been shown to have no influence on the formation of gout or making the condition persists.

4. Check the diet

One has to check on your diet in order to ensure that:
• are not consuming large quantities of meat
• There should be high levels of seafood in the diet

5. Avoid certain meats and seafood

it is known that some types of meat and fish contain purines that form uric acid. Those who are susceptible to gout usually have a metabolism defective purines and therefore have to reduce the intake of
• Organ meats such as kidney, liver and brain
• fish such as mackerel, herring and anchovies
Some vegetables such as peas and spinach should be avoided as well.

6. Increase vegetables and milk intake

It has been found that increased intake
• Different types of vegetables
• The low-fat milk
will help reduce gout attacks.

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7. Avoid Diuretics without a prescription

As diuretics and other diuretics slow excretion of uric acid accumulation increases and that in turn increases the risk of gout:
• No take diuretic without a prescription
• Tell your doctor your gout condition

8. Avoid putting weight on the joint

swollen joints need to be off to recover:
• Do not put pressure on the joint
• Take rest and avoid walking or other physical activities

9. avoid high joint

best thing is that the joint remains high. That will
• Reduce blood flow to painful joints
• Helps reduce pain sensation

10. Avoid hot or cold compress

• Do not put pads warm or hot on the inflamed areas because it increases blood circulation and increases pain
• If a cold compress is applied can make the crystals are formed rapidly and therefore pain


11. Choose comfortable shoes

is necessary to use shoes that provide a lot of room for the toes so they do not feel pressure:
• pointe shoes stylish, narrow exert pressure on the toes
• high heels put pressure on the toes

12. Try herbal treatment

There are many natural ingredients and herbs that are known to relieve joint pain and act as anti-inflammatory agents:
• tapas Flower
• ginger root
• Capsicum
• licorice
One should try to increase these ingredients in your diet .

13. Meditation

is seen that meditation and other relaxation techniques help maintain the condition of gout at bay:
• Reduce mental stress
• relax the body and mind

14. wear loose clothing

Do not wear loose clothing just one, they need to sit or lie in comfortable positions to allow to reduce gout attacks:
• Find time to relax and unwind
• Take plenty of rest

is crippled by gout pain? What they fear attacks coming back more often? With changes in diet, lifestyle and a positive attitude, you will be able to control the disease and its symptoms keep at bay.

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