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Top foods with high vitamin B12 / cobalamin

The human being requires certain vitamins and minerals to boost your health and get the smooth operation of the day. Suitable nutrients in foods would be important for every individual willing to stay healthy and fit consideration. if you do not want any diseases even attack the body, certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients would be essential. Vitamin B12 is also one of the most essential vitamins required by the human body. Since it is a vitamin complex problems such as fatigue, anemia and depression can be eradicated in the regular consumption of it in the diet. But if not properly consume in your diet, there may be problems in the central nervous system and brain. Now you can get some effective food in nature that will help meet the need for vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is really necessary in your body, as it helps in nutrition is one of the red blood cells, integration of DNA synthesis and promote nerve function. As recommended by the doctor, vitamin B12 / cobalamin should be 2.4 grams in your body to stay healthy. Find the list of foods that include these vitamins.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) rich foods high


animal foods are rich sources of vitamin B12 as beef, meat, dairy products, dairy products and eggs contain large amounts of vitamin B12. Here are some foods rich in vitamin B12 are presented.

Beef liver also contains high amount of vitamin B12. That is why beef is a food rich in vitamin B12, protein, zinc, calcium and iron.

the livers of animals

1000 grams of liver supplies more than 300 micrograms of vitamin B12. The liver is also rich in nutrients that are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals that may be useful for the development of the body.


Eggs contain high benefits of vitamin B12. In chicken eggs, egg yolks are rich in vitamin B12.

Chicken breast


Chicken breast is a rich source of vitamin B12 and folic acid can feed the heart and reproductive system of the body.

Oats contain essential nutrients and vitamins. Oatmeal is one of a rich source of vitamin B12.

Curd (yogurt)

Curd is the main source of B vitamins such as riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (vitamin B1), and cobalamin (vitamin B12). Take the curd low fat or fat free as it adds low in fat and rich in nutrients to your body.


Highly milk contains calcium, iron and vitamins that are essential for body growth. Milk is also one of the richest in vitamin B12 with added minerals.

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mackerel fish

Shellfish may be available on the seaward side as they are grown there. But today you can even get many great shopping malls selling non-vegan items. You should consume seafood at least 3 times a week because it contains a good amount of vitamin B12.

Now you can easily get mackerel on the market as the demand for fish has increased due to its health benefits. Since it has a good amount of vitamin B-12 consumes 100 grams of this type of fish it is ideal for improving your health.


The crab is also one of the living beings that is available near the seashore. You can get on the market to take home and prepare a tasty and all kinds of spices dish. This will not only change certain taste in their language, but also have great health benefit of vitamin B12.


Now you can consume regularly fortified cereals in your meals or as bread, so a good amount of vitamin B12 gets inside your body. If you can consume 100 grams of it, it will be ideal for getting enough nutrition in your body to help you stay away from dizziness, anemic appearance, depression, etc.

Skim milk or low-fat milk


You should also consume skim milk regularly as this includes vitamin B12. Some people with a tendency to accumulate fat in your body could not dare to consume milk fat because it is also a reason to increase the fat layer and lead to all sorts of complications. However, skim milk or cow’s milk is a wonderful substitute that will not only keep you fit, including low fat, but will also give you benefits of vitamin B12.

You should eat an egg in any way every day, as it also includes vitamin B12, which is beneficial to your health. But remember to eat chicken and eggs not duck or other poultry hatched eggs per chicken has the maximum benefit from the inclusion of vitamin B12.

fortified soy products

If you are a pure vegetarian, there are also some foods that will help you get the right amount of vitamin B12 in their diet. Some of fortified soy products are very beneficial in this regard. Silken tofu is one among such a variety. You can also have pieces of soy in your diet to get adequate amounts of vitamin B12. If you are preparing the noodles for breakfast, add some soy pieces which not only add flavor but also will lead to the benefits of vitamin B12. By making tasty vegetable fried rice add a few pieces of soybeans will be a great idea.

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Some people have the impression that cheese can add extra fat to your body and lead to bulk and obesity syndrome. However, this fact is not always correct. If you do not eat cheese in bulk, there will be no reason that will make you fat. Also the choice of the variety of cheese is important while you eat. Swiss cheese is one of the best that has healthy fats and is rich in vitamin B12. It can easily consume the cheese to increase the level of vitamin B12 in their diet.


Some of us may not know that the clams work in a wonderful way to provide vitamin B12 / cobalamin in our body. These are also known as super foods that have many health benefits. The iron content in the clam is also working on a way to keep women healthy. This is also a major source of potassium and vitamin B12. I can not do on a regular basis to get enough vitamin B12 in your body.


Ever the taste of meat or turkey? I’m not asking to have it rough, but you must cook and have. You will feel amazing after having such wonderful dish. Now, this also has some health benefits. Which it is to get the right amount of vitamin B12 / cobalamin in Turkey. If you can have turkey heritage, which will be absorbed flavors.



You must have heard of oyster shells. Yes, those wonderful health benefits are the seafood. If you can consume only 3 ounces of Oyster, you will be able to win 10.2 milligrams of iron in your body. Also calorie consumption will be about 116 in this regard. In addition, it serves the purpose of getting the right amount of vitamin B12.

The sea food known as salmon, also have many health benefits. You should go for wild salmon found in Alaska. According to the background of environmental protection, salmon is available in fisheries that are well maintained. There will be no source of contamination in this regard. Now you can get salmon farms respectful of the environment. Now the best part is, the salmon is loaded with a good amount of vitamin B12.

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