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Top 9 Home Remedies For Bedwetting

Bedwetting is basically the problem of urine excretion during sleep. It is a situation that is much more common is that young children. There may be many reasons behind this situation that may be responsible for such condition. Such as fear, anxiety, urinary tract infection, poor diet, stress, etc. This is a problem should focus on parents and should take appropriate action to ensure child relief measures. There are many easy to cure this problem, which are easily available at home remedies. These remedies will prove to be completely natural and useful for your child.

Here are Top 9 home remedies for enuresis

1. Honey

Honey is very good home remedy for this problem of bedwetting in young children. It can be a very beneficial solution to this problem. You must make your children eat 1 teaspoon honey every day to get adequate benefits from it. You can also make a solution of honey and water. You can mix 1 teaspoon of honey in water and make your child take that solution [ 1 ].


2. apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is again a remedy effective to cure the problem of bedwetting naturally. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients that are most required by the body of his son. So you can help your child to avoid this problem through the use of apple cider vinegar with ease. You can take a glass of fresh water and add 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in it. Now you give your child to consume his / her improvement [ 2 ].

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Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Olive

Olive oil is also very essential home remedy for enuresis treatment of his son. Actually it contains a lot of nutrients that are very useful for everyone. It will help to ensure adequate enhancement of your body. To control enuresis, it is necessary to eliminate the stress of your child. For this you can give a gentle massage in the stomach with a small amount of hot olive oil [ 3 ].

Olive Oil Massage
4. Blueberry

blueberry is again a very effective for the problem of bed wetting solution and easy natural. It contains amazing antioxidants that are very useful for the internal development of your child’s body. Its sweet flavor ensures good sleep of their children without facing such problems. So you can prepare fresh cranberry juice and give your child before he / she goes to sleep. Repeat this remedy on a daily basis to ensure the best results soon [ 4 ].

Cranberry juice

5. Black Peppers

black peppers can become a very good home remedy for bedwetting disorder in your child. You can easily use to get rid of this problem soon. For this purpose you need to take a piece of cotton cloth and fill it with a little black pepper powder. This thing as a small square and tie the child in the womb bag. You must change this newspaper. And if any skin allergy occurs then you can leave this remedy [ 5 ].

Black Peppers

6. Egg

egg can also help your child as an effective home remedy for bedwetting problem. It will provide strength to the inner body of your child and increase immunity levels too. This will help the child to prevent the problem of urination in bed. It can cause the child to eat an egg a day for best results [ 6 ].

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7. Epsom salt

Epsom salt can also be a good remedy for the problem of bedwetting disorder. It is really a useful home remedy for this purpose. You can take a pinch in a glass of water after lunch, for best results [ [7] [19459006].

 Epsom Salt

8. Raisins

The raisins are also considered as incredible for the problem of home remedy enuresis in children. They will help you build inner strength in the body of his son. Raisins are rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals that are good for health. So you can make your child chew raisins to get relief from the problem of frequent urination leading to bedwetting. It can be very beneficial method to deal with this problem naturally [ 8 ].


9. Brown sugar

effective home remedy for Next disorder of enuresis children is the use of brown sugar. Well, jaggery is really good for your health and also helps them provide sound and stress free sleep at night. Its sweet flavor would be loved by your child and can easily make him eat a piece of brown sugar every night before going to sleep. It can help control the problem of bedwetting easily. You can apply this remedy daily as brown sugar consumption is really amazing for your child [ 9 ].


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