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Top 9 health benefits of durva grass

known as durva Doob grass or in Hindi, Bermuda grass is considered a sacred plant in India. It is religious to Hindus as worshipers of Lord Ganesha with durva grass. While this known as Cynodon dactylon plant has been used as a traditional herb in Ayurvedic medicine, clinical properties of this herb makes it a popular natural aid to better health. Durva herb is rich in calcium, phosphorus, fiber, potassium and proteins that confer a range of health benefits. Here are some reasons why this herb is much healthier than your think –

Controls sugar levels in the blood

the glycemic potential durva herb has been shown by numerous research studies in recent times. The herb extract showed significant hypoglycemic effect in
diabetes patients and reduce the risk of several health complications associated with it. You read about 10 ways to control diabetes naturally

immune function is improved

a healthy immune system is the key to maintaining good health and preventing disease. Durva herb contains CDPF (Cynodon dactylon protein fractions) that exert immunomodulatory activity that helps in optimizing the immune system. The antiviral and antimicrobial activity of grass Durva aid in improving the health of the immune system and fighting various diseases. More information about foods that can increase your immunity

is good for the overall health of women

Durva grass is found to be effective in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in women than in men. This herb provides good results for women who suffer from hemorrhoids and vaginal discharge white when taken in combination with yogurt. Acts as a natural remedy for PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and increases the production of the hormone prolactin thus adding breastfeeding.

Improves digestion

Digestive and stomach complications are very common at this time due to poor diet and increased susceptibility to disease. However, with continued use of the durva grass, you can reduce the risk of stomach diseases, and improve digestion and bowel movements and cure constipation. It acts as a natural detoxifier removing toxins from the body and also reduces the acidity. Read more about how wrong combinations of food can lead to indigestion and gas

relieves oral problems

Durva grass is filled with healthy nutrients called flavonoids possessing antiulcer activity thereby preventing against ulcers. It helps in the fight against cold and also helps in reducing phlegm. This herb not only helps in the treatment of bleeding gums, also fights bad odor (halitosis) in the mouth.

Cura skin problems

As a anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent powerful durva herb is widely used in the treatment of various skin problems such as itching, skin rash and eczema. Make a paste by mixing powder of this herb withturmeric and apply this paste on the skin externally to get rid of skin problems. It is also used as a natural remedy for the treatment of skin diseases such as leprosy and scabies. Read about tips for managing common skin problems in adolescents

blood is purified

Durva herb acts as a natural blood purifier and also helps maintain the alkalinity of the blood. It is very effective in reducing blood loss due to injury, the menstrual blood flow nasal or excessive bleeding. It increases the production of red blood cells which in turn increaseshaemoglobin levels in the body and thus prevents anemia.

heart health is increased

Consumption durva regular grass not only lowers your blood cholesterollevel but also improves heart function. Besides being good for the heart, but also acts as an anti-arrhythmic powerful agent. You read more about the Top 7 foods that can help lower cholesterol

remains active

Durva grass is loaded with a multitude range of healthy nutrients that packs a powerful punch to make you feel energetic and active. It acts as an effective way to treat insomnia and general fatigue natural remedy. Consumption of this herb on a regular basis not only relieves stress, but also cures nervous weakness thus revitalizing your body and mind. Read about 10 drivers of instant energy amazing must try

Tip: Take a few tufts of grass durva and properly wash with clean water. Make a fine paste by adding a few drops of water. Mix one tablespoon of this paste in a glass of warm water and drink to achieve their health benefits

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