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Top 8 Reasons To Stay Away From Fast Food

Stay Away From Fast Food

While a hamburger from time to time in the birthday party of a friend may not represent a serious danger to their health, eating fast food regularly is definitely a no-no, from the point of view Of the health. Fast food is often much cheaper, and indeed tastier than homemade meals. However, if your goal is to live a healthy life, you definitely need to know the top 8 reasons to stay away from fast food.

Here are the Top 8 reasons to stay away from fast food:

Low quality ingredients

Raw problem with fast food is the use of low quality ingredients for food preparation. Most food chains use inferior ingredients, which cost considerably less. In many fast food meals, you may have noticed chicken empanadas elastic rubber, and wilted lettuce. People often clueless about lots of real meat used for the preparation of fast food.

Low Quality Ingredients

high fat content

If it is recommended that include fats in your diet for health reasons, getting too much of this macronutrient is not recommended. The Institute of Medicine suggests that an average person should strive for 20-35 percent of your daily calories should be from fat. Many hamburgers come loaded with a whopping 65 grams of fat, which is almost twice the recommended daily allowance of fat for most people.

High Fat Content

excess saturated fat

If While all forms of fats are not bad, saturated fats are definitely. Fast food is often loaded with saturated fats, which clog arteries. The high amount of saturated fats in fast food is an important trigger behind several medical conditions. Those who consume fast food more than four times a week are at 80 percent risk of dying from heart disease. Saturated fats in fast food can clog the arteries over time, resulting in high cholesterol levels.

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Excess Saturated Fats

Perform stress

Research has revealed that eating a high-fat meal experience more stress than those with a low-fat meal. Some foods and beverages also serve as stimulants, which trigger stress. Foods rich in caffeine, such as cola, tea, chocolate and coffee, can significantly increase your stress levels. In addition, fast foods often comprise enhancers, emulsifiers, thickeners flavor, preservatives and stabilizers, which are synthetic additives, often called pseudo-stress factors.

Triggers Stress

High Cholesterol Content

If you you are concerned about your cholesterol levels, without need to stay from fast food. Cholesterol is known as a steroid lipid or fat present in foodstuffs of animal origin mostly. Consuming too much cholesterol can increase the chances of a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, it is recommended that the daily intake of cholesterol should not exceed 300 mg. Foods comprising the highest amount of cholesterol include butter, cheese, and egg yolks, all of which are present in most fast food preparations.

High Cholesterol Content

high sodium

The most individuals should consume no more than 2,300 mg of sodium on a daily basis. However, in reality, the actual amount of sodium consumed by most people is more than 3,400 mg, which is dangerous for those suffering from kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension. Several fast food preparations are full of salt, often the result of the mindset that salty food tastes better.

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High Sodium Content

High Level antibiotics

The animals are often kept in very unhealthy environments before they are killed for their meat. These poor living conditions promote the growth of bacteria and suppress the immune system of an animal. These animals are given antibiotics to prevent patients from falling. These antibiotics actually promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. It is important to understand that these drug resistant bacterial strains are very difficult to treat.

High Level of Antibiotics

dangerous chemical components

Fast Food often it comprises several chemical ingredients that are toxic in nature. Certain products fast food chicken comprise mechanically – separated chicken, the result of processing of carcasses of chicken meat scraps. chicken nuggets often contain TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone), derived from petroleum. Consuming one gram of this chemical could cause serious illness, and five grams can cause death.

Dangerous Chemical Components

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