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Top 6 Side-Effects Of Fat Burners

Side-Effects Of Fat Burners

fat burners are now very popular, because people want to drop the pounds as fast as possible. Thermogenic fat burners are also called, the body heat to promote fat loss. Fat burners often come with a number of side effects.

Here are the top 6 side effects of fat burners are listed:

increases blood pressure

The fat burners work by increasing your body temperature. Researchers at Vanderbilt University state that fat burners such as ephedrine, have side effects such as high blood pressure and elevated heart rate.

Increases Blood Pressure

Behavioral Changes

Burners fat could lead to problems in the nervous system, which could lead to nervousness and irritability.

Behavioural Changes


Fat burners your metabolism and heart rate increase, which in turn could affect your sleep patterns. Being unable to sleep properly can result in extreme fatigue and weaken your immune system, making it more prone to flu or the common cold.



Dehydration is a dangerous problem, especially during hot weather or strenuous exercise. Researchers at Vanderbilt University explain that fat burners, like caffeine and ephedrine, causing dehydration, and promote weight loss. Dehydration can cause headaches and can even cause fainting.


stomach problems

Taking regularly fat burners can cause stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation. These supplements reduce the amount of vitamins in the body, which increases your chances of developing various health conditions.

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Stomach Issues


In some rare cases , fat burners can even cause death. This is mainly due to the fact that fat burners need not be recognized by the FDA, which are sold in the market. Therefore, some fat burners may contain harmful substances that could cause death.


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