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Top 6 Home Remedies For Tinnitus

Remedies For Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that is commonly known as “ringing in the ears”. Individuals suffering from tinnitus tend to listen to various types of soft or strong though such sounds are not present sounds. It is caused by exposure to loud noises and high altitudes, ear infection or injury, age loss is related, respiratory infections, vitamin deficiencies, diseases of the blood pressure, diabetes and obstruction of earwax. However, tinnitus can be easily treated with certain home remedies.

Here are some prominent home remedies to cure tinnitus effectively:

pumpkin soup or pumpkin added to salads

Vitamin A deficiency is a major cause of tinnitus and other hearing problems. Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A include pumpkin in your diet can help combat vitamin A deficiency significantly. Have adequate vitamin A help correct functioning cochlea or inner ear, that is responsible for the transmission and reception of sounds. You can have daily pumpkin soup or add it to the salad regularly to cure tinnitus.

Pumpkin Soup


Saline solutions helps cure tinnitus, which is caused due to blockage of the nasal passages or excess fluid in the sinuses. All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of glycerin and salt each in two cups of warm water. Using a nasal spray bottle, inject this recovery solution into your nostril until you feel that is drawing on the back of your throat. You can also make this saline three times a day to clear the nasal passages and effectively cure tinnitus.

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Saline Solution

pineapple juice

Including pineapple in your diet helps in curing tinnitus. It contains an enzyme called bromelain that helps corrective mitigate inflammation throughout the body. In addition, pineapple contains many beneficial vitamins including vitamin A, which helps to cure tinnitus. You can take a glass of fresh pineapple juice every day. You can also eat fresh pineapple at regular intervals every day to treat tinnitus.

Pineapple Frappe

pieces ginger or ginger tea

Ginger has healing and medicinal properties that promote blood circulation in the inner ear, away pathogens, and scavenge free radicals. Besides this, including their diet ginger minimizes the resulting pain due to tinnitus. All you need do is add a half teaspoon chopped fresh ginger to a cup of hot water and let stand for about ten minutes. Then strain and add a pinch of honey to it. Drink this tea ginger corrective two or three times every day to treat tinnitus. You can also chew a couple of small pieces of ginger, as it can help relieve ear pressure aggravates tinnitus.

Ginger Tea

apple cider vinegar solution

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These restorative properties of apple cider vinegar effectively treat the underlying infection ear that can be contributing to the adverse effects of tinnitus. It also balances the alkaline level in their body substantially. All you need do is add a little honey and two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink this medicinal solution two or three times a day. Having this helps to reduce the feeling of ringing in the ear and tinnitus effectively curing solution.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture

Compressing hot

The application of heat is the most effective way to soften ear wax and to get rid of unequal pressures form. Applying warm compresses to your ears helps to unclog ears, loosen congestion, and provides relief from pain caused by tinnitus. Just be sure not to apply a lot of heat as it can damage your hearing.

Warm Compress

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