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Top 5 health benefits of drinking coconut water

Water also known as coconut water tender coconut is a drink that people living around coastal regions can enjoy. But what is the secret behind this wonderful drink, sweet and refreshing? Well, coconut water is loaded with many essential nutrients that make it a perfect and natural way to help stay healthy. It is a great substitute for drinking water, because it contains 94% water, amino acids, cytokinins, vitamins B, zero cholesterol and several essential minerals. Here are 5 reasons why you should drink some coconut water.

is great for the heart

Research studies suggest that consumption of coconut water regularly, can help reduce the risk of heart attacks. In addition, the high potassium content present in this water helps keep blood pressure levels under control. Read more abouthome remedies for a healthy heart.

prevents dehydration

Loaded with electrolytes and minerals which are ideal to replenish electrolytes and water from your body, coconut water is a simple and accessible remedy for dehydration. Apart form that, it also helps people suffering from diarrhea by re-fueling your body and prevent the onset of dehydration. Read more about tips to prevent dehydration.

Reduces the risk of kidney stones

Water coconut is ideal to get rid of and prevent kidney stones. Loaded with magnesium and potassium, acts of coconut water as a potent diuretic agent and is perfect to keep your kidneys functioning optimally. The best part of this cheap and readily available drink is that even if you suffer from kidney stones, drink coconut water helps regulate removed by washing out with your urine. Read more about 10 simple ways to prevent kidney stones.

is a natural energy drink,

Instead to get to that bottle of energy drink after a hard workout or when extra energy boost is needed, try drinking some coconut water. Coconut water helps quickly rehydrate the body to perfection and the best part is that it is low in calories, high in minerals and exactly what your body needs more worked. (Read: tricks to stay hydrated during summers)

is the perfect drink for mothers-to-be

being sterile and safe in nature, coconut water is the best choice for pregnant women. In addition to quench thirst, coconut water acts as a natural remedy to relieve heartburn, heartburn and constipation during pregnancy.

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