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Top 5 Healing Foods To Treat Rosacea

Foods To Treat Rosacea

rosacea, a painful and embarrassing skin condition, affecting millions of people worldwide. There is no known cure for rosacea. However, make smart choices in your diet can help revive the symptoms of rosacea greatly. To learn more about the highly effective food remedies for treating this irritating skin condition, reading.

Here are 5 must have food for rosacea:


mackerel, a fish of cold water, can greatly alleviate the symptoms of rosacea skin disease . Cold water fish like mackerel, tuna and salmon (to name a few) are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids, which belong to the group of “good” fats, have potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce skin inflammation and itching sensation because of Rosacea . Ideally, people who suffer from rosacea should be advised to consume mackerel and other cold water fish at least three to four times a week.



Tiny flax seeds, nutrient dense ups rosacea can keep recurring outbreaks under control. Flax seeds, such as cold-water fish are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids are available as ALA or alpha linolenic acid in flaxseed can keep itchy red spots that appear sporadically on the skin (which is typical of the skin condition rosacea) under control. Patients with rosacea should consume at least a teaspoon of freshly ground flax seeds every day .

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green leafy vegetables like spinach are excellent dietary sources of riboflavin or vitamin B2 . Studies indicate that consumption of vitamin B2 rich foods like spinach can reduce the activity of skin mites that can cause this irritating skin condition. Appreciable amounts of vitamin C in spinach can control redness and swelling of the skin due to rosacea.



Blueberries are full of antioxidants and nutrients, which are extremely beneficial for people who are diagnosed with skin disease rosacea . The vaso-protective activity of blueberries can minimize facial redness by reducing the dilation of blood vessels that lie just below the surface of the skin. The anti-inflammatory property of these delicious berries also helps relieve the symptoms of rosacea.



Whole grains such as brown rice are an excellent dietary remedy for rosacea . anti-inflammatory foods such as brown rice can help alleviate recurrent inflammation of the skin due to rosacea. In addition, the high fiber content of brown rice helps eliminate harmful toxins that actually worsen the symptoms of rosacea.

Brown Rice

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