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Top 5 Foods With Potassium That Can Save You From A Heart Attack

Foods with Potassium

heart panic , fluctuating blood pressure and heart failure are some of the common problems of life today. bad eating habits and hectic lifestyle cause much discomfort to the heart. However, according to recent studies, the daily intake of the right amount of foods with potassium can reduce the rate of various heart diseases. An average adult requires 4.5 grams of potassium in the diet. In addition, we must also closely monitor the intake of other nutrients such as protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals. For a healthy heart the pattern of food consumption plays a crucial role in maintaining blood pressure. to heart patients to avoid foods with saturated fat, sodium and salt is advised. Instead, it advised to consume vegetables and foods high in potassium to keep off cardiovascular problems.

Benefits of potassium-rich foods


  1. Recent research also shows that if foods commonly consumed in potassium, risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease was reduced by 21%. So if you have 35 years or more, reducing the risk that much could mean many years of additional health.
  1. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics for 2010, six times the number of people who died from heart disease (597K) that accidents (120K), which are perceived most common and dangerous. So anything you could include in your daily diet to keep your heart healthy is worth it.
  1. Foods with potassium to filter blood to help the kidneys to work more efficiently.
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Since they consume a lot of sodium through salt, an electrochemical imbalance is created in the body and makes the blood flow difficult. To counter this imbalance, our bodies need higher amounts of potassium. While we eat for the health of our heart, we can make the most of by taking potassium foods in our meals. So for a healthy heart, what could be better than these potassium-rich foods?

5 Foods with potassium to prevent heart problems in the Bay of

1: Sweet Potato

Many people do not know that sweet potatoes are potassium-rich foods . There are also many easy ways to cook and mash, baked or roast them even really delicious and healthy recipes.



2: Tomato

Tangy and tasty tomatoes are rich in potassium. And diced tomato or puree can provide share potassium daily.



3: Beet Green

beet green leaves are rich in potassium. So do not throw garbage next time, but can be eaten raw in salads or cooked with vegetables. There are different types of tasty salads that can be made from beet leaves.



4: Yogurt

Yogurt it is rich in potassium and probiotics to meet your daily potassium needs and keep your heart healthy. Include your favorite flavor or plain yogurt in your daily diet.

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5: Tuna Fish

tuna, rainbow trout, halibut and other fish sea ​​have very high amounts of potassium.



Apart from these, bananas, all kinds of beans and milk are also considered as foods high in potassium you may have to climb heart health.


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