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Top 5 Considerations While Planning What To Eat For Dinner?

What I eat for dinner? Should I eat a meal without carbohydrates? Or even to eat dinner? These questions perplex most people who believe that “food = calories = weight”.

Ideally dinner should contain the smallest amount compared to other meals during the day. This is because our body’s metabolism slows down at night and can not digest excess food.

But on the other hand, many skip dinner altogether because of the myth: “skipping dinner = Dieting”. No, it is not and here’s why:

Skipping dinner will result in a very long distance between your last meal and breakfast the next day.

  • can cause heartburn, nausea, sleep disorders and make you crave for “something sweet” in the middle of the night.
  • You wake up exhausted or whether ravenous.

If you have not filled your bowl with the right kind of food and calories (carbohydrates) throughout the day, you will end up with the wrong filling (sweet) at the end of the day.

Here are 5 considerations While planning What to eat for dinner?

1: eat less carbohydrates, but not eliminate

what to eat for dinner  - Eat less carbs

When we are awake our body works in BMR – basal metabolic rate and when we are asleep, slows down to RMR – resting metabolic rate. So it is contrary to the popular belief that our body shuts down completely during sleep – no! Our body is in constant work, even when we are sleeping, so you still need carbohydrates necessary for basic operation. So try to have fewer carbs at night, but not eliminate them completely.

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2: Avoid spicy dinner recipes

what to eat for dinner- Avoid spicy dinner

Think twice before eating spicy dinner, which can cause heartburn. Spicy foods can lead to indigestion and acid reflux, which will affect your sleep and therefore your health. If you have to have spicy food make sure it is at least three or four hours before bedtime.

3: No JunK – No fried food

what to eat for dinner - no junk food

Your body is not ready to digest heavy foods like fried foods and other junk foods as desserts just before sleep. Eating a heavy meal at night overload your digestive system.

4:! The fats you eat at night are stored

what to eat for dinner - the fats we eat

Avoid fatty foods at night because they get easily stored as fat and very difficult to get rid of the afternoon. A small piece of cake or a few bites is fine, but fall into excess fatty food is bad for your body.

5: The Gap

what to eat for dinner - the gap

There are at least should be 3-4 hours away between dinner and sleep because the rate of metabolism slows down long after about sleeping. So early dinner is recommended to help digestion before sleeping.

The key to a healthy body is always a balance. Lite healthy and dinner in small portions, including carbohydrates will make you realize how easy it is to fall asleep without any cravings midnight. You wake up fresh and happy the next day and more, it will also help you lose weight and tone your body in the right way!

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