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Top 5 Calcium Rich Foods For Reducing Acne Scars

calcium-rich foods should be an important part of the meal because this mineral goes a long way in building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most of the calcium we consume comes or natural foods or through supplements.

Some of the benefits of eating calcium-rich foods are:

  • Strengthens bones and teeth while It helps movements such as muscle contraction.
  • helps maintain a healthy and glowing skin regulating the cell renewal process, maintaining the lipid barrier and the appropriate level of the epidermal tissues avoiding skin dry.
  • prevents skin damage by producing essential antioxidant catalase to the skin.
  • acts as a natural anti-aging agent , providing strong resistance to fine wrinkles and premature aging.
  • prevents acne scars to maintain healthy skin.

Among all the benefits of eating foods rich in calcium, one most teens worry is its ability to erase or prevent acne scars of adolescence. Acne is a skin problem that usually starts on the face, neck, back and chest areas of the body. This occurs when oil and dead skin cells clog the pores of the skin. While acne is not dangerous, however, they may leave scars that take a long time to disappear. Thus, foods rich in calcium as part of the daily diet can help prevent these scars away in the first place.

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Calcium is the mineral most readily available, which is present in natural foods such as green leafy vegetables, oranges, milk and dairy products, soy milk, egg shells, etc. Some of the foods rich in calcium should consume are as follows:

1) Milk

One of the best sources of foods rich in calcium is milk . If not fond of plain milk, try mixing chocolate syrup or powder to taste.


2) Oranges

The easiest way to have foods high in calcium is fruit . Oranges for that matter have good amounts of calcium and comes loaded with vitamins also. Having this tasty citrus and say goodbye to acne problems and skin.


3) leafy vegetables

green leafy vegetables are excellent foods high in calcium. While dairy products are excellent calcium-rich foods, which could result in unwanted weight gain or increased cholesterol in your body.

So these green leafy foods rich in calcium are useful:

  • Kale has high amounts of calcium.


Bok choy (Chinese cabbage) is another plant high calcium.


4) salmon and sardines

sardines and salmon are one of the healthiest fish to eat if your problem acne reappears! It include them in your daily diet you will not only ensure that you get that extra dose of calcium but will provide a strong dose of omega 3 and vitamin D.

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5) carrot

carrots are considered one of the richest sources of vitamin a, which helps in the treatment of acne. In addition to vitamin A, it is also rich in vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur and iron. If consumed as carrot juice is an excellent blood cleanser and helps in cleaning and beautifying the skin. It also functions as an alkalizing and helps in clearing toxins from your body as a result of healthy acne free skin.


You can leave all our scars on the skin behind these by eating calcium-rich foods regularly. In addition, it not is appropriate to say that sufficient calcium intake every day, keep your acne at bay!

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