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Top 4 foods rich in vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 , clinically known as pantothenic acid, it is a water solublevitamin required for various body functions. This vitamin aids in the production of red blood cells and the synthesis of sex hormones, and acts as a cofactor for various chemical reactions in the body. It is important to meet the body’s need for vitamin B5 because its deficiency causes muscle cramps, fatigue and paresthesia (numbness in the body). Therefore, to reap the benefits of vitamin B5 sources include foods that are loaded with this vitamin in their diet. Here are some foods that can help keep levels of vitamin B5 r above.

mushrooms and cauliflower

vegetables that are full of vitamin B5 include
cauliflower and broccoli . Apart from these, mushrooms also contain high amounts of this vitamin, but you should be careful when choosing the edible varieties. In addition to providing the necessary dose of vitamin B5, these foods are also loaded with many nutrients that play a key role in various metabolic activities.

strawberries and corn

When it comes to fruits rich in vitamin B5, strawberries and corn are the best natural source of this vitamin. These fruits are loaded with different nutrients (minerals and vitamins) and antioxidants that are good for health in general. A small bowl of strawberries or boiled corn not only increase your energy level, but also provide various health benefits.

Sunflower seeds and nuts

Munching on a handful of nuts (such as cashews, oralmonds raisins) is one of the best ways for a healthy snack and satisfy the need for vitamin B5 in your body. Apart from this, adding sunflower seeds to food preparations not only improves the taste of food, but also provides a sufficient amount of pantothenic acid required to perform various chemical functions.

Meat and milk products

Sources of non-vegetarian foods that contain high amounts of vitamin B5 are liver chicken, eggs and salmon. Besides that, dairy products like yogurt and milk also contain high amounts of this vitamin. Include these food sources in your diet and achieve their health benefits long range, in addition to meeting the requirement of the body of pantothenic acid.

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