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Top 20 HIGHEST Protein Foods You Can Eat Everyday

If you feel your health is deteriorating, then it’s time for your “diet makeover. ” This new twist in the diet requires relying less on animal products and more on plant foods.

may be a first big leap in increasing the daily intake of whole foods rich in nutrients and slow the overly processed know, your first concern this change is “crap food ‘. How are you going to get enough protein from plant to keep you going through the day

Well, not really have to sweat? and digit-we did the ‘math proteins’ for you! Just below what we have acquired 20 food known high protein, legumes, nuts, and a special fruit from the highest to the lowest, for immediate convenience:

  1. beans organic soybeans (or cooked soybeans)

protein per serving of 1 cup (cooked) 18g

is to healthy snack ever! Only the value of a cup of Soybeans (or cooked soybeans) makes a huge injection of protein. Be sure to choose an organic variety, however, as most soybean varieties in the US They are, unfortunately, genetically modified and heavily treated with pesticides. Therefore, try soybeans in a recipe sauce with chives, asparagus and egg whites.

  1. tempeh organic

protein per 3 ounces 16g

the organic tempeh is one of the best alternatives to meat processed slightly. It is composed of fermenting soy cooked, and then shaping into a dense cake that can be sliced ​​and chopped-and-fried tofu as . It is hard and walnut, and packages significantly more protein and fiber than tofu. Because it has been fermented, it is easier to digest for some people with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. organic tofu

protein per 3 ounces 8-15 g

is the blank slate “classic” vegetarian curdled soymilk is very delicious when fried, sauteed in a stir-fry, or added to scrambled eggs. Although it is not as full of protein, such as tempeh, you can find your most enjoyable for you taste. You should opt for organic varieties of tofu to avoid pesticides and soy disease using genetically modified.

  1. Lentil

protein per ½ cup serving 9 g

are low in calories but high in fiber, so the lentils are high in protein can be transformed into any dish ‘meaty’ side of high nutrient density, burger diet, or even in a raid hummus dip .-for like aid lentils workers: it has been shown to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease

  1. black beans

protein per ½ cup serving ( cooked) 7.6g

black beans are also full of potassium full-metabolism-friendly, heart-healthy fiber , folic acid, vitamin B6, and a range of phytonutrients. They also make a “batch killer” black bean brownies!

  1. Beans

protein per ½ cup serving (cooked) 7.3g

in addition to filling protein, beans contain the amino acid leucine that can play an important role in healthy muscle synthesis in older adults.

  1. Peanuts or peanut butter

protein per ¼ cup serving (or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.): 7 g

they are not only great for chewing and throwing childhood classic comfort food, but are also super versatile. It can even be used in any food pizza! Most importantly, they help you eat less at lunch if consumed at breakfast [it is known as the second-meal effect]. And what about PB and banana?

  1. Wild Rice

protein per serving of 1 cup (cooked) 6.5 g

wild rice is a grain rich in protein should be a “change” to. With its nutty flavor and a chewy texture little, it is much more satisfying too. For a comforting meal stomach cold weather, you can try wild rice casserole with goat cheese and blueberries.

  1. Chickpea

protein per ½ cup serving 6 g

They may be intended for the chicks, but the humus of chickpeas is something about most humans get salivate. combo of protein and fiber A chickpeas’ makes for one of the healthiest sauces. Try it spread on a slice of bread instead of mayonnaise, or serve with sliced ​​vegetables.

  1. Almonds

protein per ¼ cup serving 6 g

almonds, along with its rich protein value, which also provide some “serious” amount of vitamin E, which is very good for healthy skin and hair. .

  1. Chia seeds

protein per serving of 2 tablespoons 6 g

incredible as it may sound, but chia exerts ‘a ton of protein’ in those tiny seed size, they are also a great source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type fatty acid omega-3 vegetable origin. More: Omega-3s help stimulate satiety hormone leptin indicating that your body to burn these fats instead of storing around the organs of digestion-responsible


  1. steel cut oats

protein 5 g in ¼ cup serving (dry)

cut oats are not only a source protein important! They are much more than that: they have a glycemic index than oatmeal . This means that not spike blood sugar both, so it is to be more satisfied, and experience less anxiety after having. Try them like peach cut oats or a double whammy vegetable protein crumble, making a vegetarian soup chickpeas.

  1. cashews

protein 5 g per ¼ cup serving

in addition to providing a boost decent protein, cashews contain 20% of the recommended intake magnesium along with 12% of the recommended intake vitamin K which are 2-essential nutrients bone formation. If you want more of them in your diet life, as usual send snack in between each meal.

  1. Pumpkin seeds

protein per ¼ cup serving 5 g

pumpkin seeds are another form of fast rocket to reach a satisfying dose of protein. In fact, are complete potencies of nutrients, packaging around half of the recommended Daily Intake Magnesium with the promoter of the immune system zinc -based plant omega-3, and tryptophan which can help ease you into a restful sleep.

  1. Organic potatoes

protein 1 white potato medium enterprises 4 g

Here we go with another source ‘stealth’ protein! Despite having a bad reputation for being quite “washing” of the entire nutrition, medium-sized potato actually contains 4 g of protein, along with about 20% of the daily recommended intake of healthy potassium to the heart . Need some fun beating ideas? Try potatoes baked with mozzarella cheese, olive oil, lemon juice and a little parsley and basil spray. It is a “great food!”

  1. spinach

protein per ½ cup serving (cooked) 3 g

understand that 3 g may not sound like much, but for a green vegetable that is. Still, not just make a tasteless salad and call it a meal. The correct way to cook this green is the key to preserving its excellent protein content.

  1. cultivated maize-organicly

protein per ½ cup serving 2.5g

similar to potatoes way, corn is often put on the “plants without any quality” category, but is combined with vegetables and legumes rich in protein, you may very well end any dish supported by the plant full of protein. Always choose organic [or non-GMO fresh or frozen varieties] as most corn already genetically modified conventional.

  1. avocado fruit

protein by ½ avocado serves 2 g

the fruit of the avocado is so deliciously creamy-dreamy and super filling, which, once proven, is remembered for a long time! It is because of its chain of mono UN saturated fatty acids and some protein. It is always good for a “new twist” flour favorite of all guacamole.

  1. Broccoli

protein per ½ cup serving (cooked) 2 g

This green is a awesome source fiber and protein content is surprising, too (for a vegetarian anyway). I definitely can not go wrong when “do more” their diet with a plant that has been tested to deliver cancer-fighting compounds like sulforaphane . For example, you can increase your intake of broccoli with a mixture of peanut-broccoli salad that combines 2 floors packed with proteins in a simple recipe.

  1. Brussels sprouts

protein 2 g per serving of a cup of ½

These small sweet green leafy vegetables have lower grades in the “taste department’-especially the frozen variety. However, what really are nutritional ‘5 stars’. Besides protein supply, pack sprouts Brussels ‘strong’ doses of both vitamin K and potassium.

Try these vegetables and selected for a makeover cancer free diet vegetables. we are 100% sure that you will be with lush and effect “before,” “after”!

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