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Top 10 Super Foods For Strong Teeth

Foods For Strong Teeth

Dental problems have become very common nowadays more and more people are affected by diseases of the teeth. Many people visit the dentist to treat tooth decay and cavities. Some patients complain of gum disease. The diet is taken can help improve the health of teeth. Proper dental care helps achieve a beautiful smile with sparkling white teeth. Consumption of sweet foods and candies is the leading cause of tooth decay. Some foods help in making strong and healthy teeth. We will discuss these foods here.

The following are the top 10 super foods for strong teeth:


Tea is a drink that helps kill bacteria that causes plaque on teeth. Tea contains an ingredient of polyphenols, which stops the growth of bacteria in the mouth. the cavity is also prevented. Most people like to drink black tea. You can also make green tea. The daily intake of tea should be two cups.

Green Tea


Apple fruit is known to keep diseases away. When the apple is eaten, saliva is formed in the mouth. Saliva helps in preventing caries. When chewed apple helps to scrub and clean the teeth . The nutrients in apple maintain healthy and strong teeth. You should eat the apple after eating food.

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Orange is another good super fruit for teeth . contains vitamin C, which is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums . Orange is an acidic fruit and works as a natural brush and floss. It kills germs in the mouth and prevent tooth decay. You can drink orange juice too. Drinking the juice will help in cleaning the mouth. Brush the teeth after drinking orange juice.



Raw onion is a very good vegetable salad with antibacterial properties . This helps kill the bacteria that cause dental problems and infections. You should eat raw onions by chewing. Add the onion to cooking food.



The raw celery is another super food that helps in the production of saliva when chewing . Harmful bacteria present in the mouth are washed with saliva. This helps in preventing caries. Fiber celery makes teeth clean and healthy.



Dairy products like milk contain a high amount of calcium, that help improve the health of teeth . Milk also contains vitamin D, a vitamin which is required for calcium absorption. The nutrients in milk help repair tooth enamel. You should eat yogurt and cheese as well. Yogurt contains good bacteria that fight tooth decay. Eat yogurt without adding sugar in it.

Dairy Foods


Sweet potato contains vitamin A, which helps in improving oral health . Improves the health of gum tissue. This helps in the production of keratin, which plays an important role in maintaining teeth healthy enamel. You can eat sweet potatoes after boiling and mashing. Enjoy it baked or fried.


Sweet Potatoes


Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which can help to kill bacteria in the mouth, while preventing tooth decay . Cocoa has antibacterial properties. Cocoa also contains tannin, an ingredient that helps stop plaque formation and cavity. Chocolate combat cell damage. It improves blood circulation and immune functions.


Sugar Gum

sugarless gum Sugar is very good for teeth . When gum is chewed this, saliva is produced. Removes acid saliva in the mouth. Clean teeth. Saliva makes teeth strong. Chewing gum helps in flushing teeth. You should chew sugarless gum after eating food.

Sugar Free Gum

fatty fish

fatty fish are excellent super non-vegetarian food for teeth. Vitamin D is required by our body to absorb calcium, a nutrient that makes teeth and gums healthy. Fatty fish contains high levels of vitamin D. You should eat fatty fish like wild salmon. You can also take a supplement of vitamin D.

Fatty Fishes

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