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Top 10 Super Foods For Busting Cellulite

Super Foods For Busting Cellulite

Tumors of fat under the skin known as cellulite. Fat deposits are formed mainly in the thighs and hips. When collagen in the skin decreases, it sank skin and cellulite is formed. People try various treatments to get rid of ugly cellulite. Some try to creams and lotions, while some take help of home remedies. You can cure cellulite with diet. Some foods help in collagen formation and detoxification. These foods help break down cellulite so that not fat. We will tell you about some foods that cellulite buster in this article.

The following are the top 10 super foods for cellulite busting


drink hot lemon juice helps detoxify the body, which is very important for cellulite busting . The drink is made by adding hot water with some lemon juice in it. Sip your drink when you wake up in the morning. You should flavor food with lemon juice instead of salt. Squeeze lemon juice in soups and salads to add flavor.

Lemon Juice


Spinach is a vegetable very healthy green leaf that helps in collagen production. It contains high levels of vitamin A, which makes the skin strong and smooth. The nutrients in spinach helps in reducing cellulite . It contains an antioxidant called lutein, which makes the skin moist and elastic. Make salad or vegetables with spinach. You can make rice or a sandwich with it.

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The berries are super fruits that contain antioxidants, which help in removing toxins from our body . Also they contain vitamin C, which plays an important role in collagen production. Strawberries and blueberries are very common berries. Mix oatmeal with berries and yogurt. You can eat raspberries and blackberries as well.



Most of the forms of cellulitis due to slow or poor detoxification. The avocado is a fruit that contains a high amount of glutathione, which helps in detoxifying the liver . This helps prevent the formation of cellulite . Avocado contains protein. It contains fatty acids that make the skin elastic. the skin resistance is improved. The fruit has very few calories. Make salads and snacks with fruit.

Avocado (2)


banana contains potassium, which helps break down cellulite . It helps in treating water retention caused by high levels of sodium. banana nutrients help improve circulation. Add the bananas to cereal and yogurt. You can enjoy it unformatted or to shake him. Banana snack instead of eating fatty snacks.



Tea contains antioxidants, which helps in removing toxins from the body . This makes the skin firm by promoting collagen production. You can drink green tea. The skin becomes swellable ingredients present in green tea. You can also make black and white teas.

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Ginger is very good for weight loss, which helps in the treatment of cellulite problem . It improves metabolism and decreases hunger, preventing you from overeating. It helps improve blood circulation as well.

Ginger Tea


flaxseed helps control estrogen in the body . It can prevent and treat cellulite very effectively. The nutrients in flaxseed helps drive the formation of collagen, which makes skin healthy firm and strong. You can eat flaxseed after mixing with oatmeal and cereals.



people nonvegetarians should include eggs in their diet. Contain lecithin, an ingredient that helps in repairing body tissues . This makes the wall of the healthy cell. Eggs help in the prevention and treatment of cellulite.



Fish is another great cellulite busting super food for non-vegetarians. You should eat oily fish containing omega 3 helps reduce inflammation. Omega 3 fats help make healthy lymphatic system and this helps cellulite busting . Salmon and sardines are the best fish for you. Eating fish twice a week. You can also take fish oil supplements.


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