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Top 10 Reasons To Grow Your Own Veggies

Most of us are aware of the fact that fruits and vegetables provide us several important advantages. Studies have shown that eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can help one to dramatically reduce the chances of diseases that threaten life, such as cancer, heart attack, diabetes and accident cerebrovascular. While most of us have changed to a healthier life style due to fear of suffering any of the diseases that threaten life, another problem has emerged.

Reasons To Grow Own Vegggies

In recent times, most of the market prices of fruits and vegetables have increased exponentially. As a result, we now have to think twice before buying a lot of fruits and vegetables. The situation is further complicated by the fact that fuel prices have also increased dramatically. Thus, the fluctuating economy has put us in a difficult situation. Many people have tried to handle this critical situation, to choose environmentally friendly ways, such as walking to the office, car sharing and growing fruits and vegetables themselves. They grow fruits and vegetables offer several benefits themselves and in this article, we will discuss these in detail.

best reasons to grow your own vegetables

Reduction Grocery Bill

Reduced Grocery Bill

we all know how prices of fruits and vegetables have increased in the past few years. In such a situation, growing their own fruits and vegetables can save a lot of money. The best part is that you do not have to buy the seeds in the market. You can sow the seeds for free and grow more vegetables and fruits in the next year. Therefore, you have to invest once and for rest of your life, you can reap the benefits.

you can be assured of quality

is true that fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that improve fighting power of our body, keep our weight in control and reduce the chances of contracting certain diseases.

You Can Be Sure Of The Qualities

Unfortunately, the fruits and vegetables that are available in the market often contain pesticides, which can be life threatening. In such a situation, growing their own fruits and vegetables makes sense. is even better if you can grow fruits and vegetables organically. organic fruits and vegetables do not contain any pesticides, are extremely healthy and provide the best nutritional value.

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Guarantees Freshness

It Guarantees Freshness

Nutrition experts agree that over time, the freshness of the fruits and vegetables erode. As a result, their nutritional value decreases. However, if you grow your own fruits and vegetables you can be consumed quickly. This, in turn, will allow you to enjoy the full nutritional benefits they offer fruits and vegetables.

You can enjoy a greater variety

Another crucial advantage of growing your own fruits and vegetables is that you can enjoy a wider variety. You can grow your favorite tomato or opt for basil leaves that can be put in the salad and encourage your child to eat.

You Can Enjoy Greater Variety

The best part is that you can grow any fruit or vegetable you like to eat, without worrying about the price. It is important understand the fact that the preparation of a meal containing different types of fruit or vegetables will help prevent boredom and also provide different nutritional benefits.

that allows you to do some exercise

It is true that most of us do not consider gardening as an exercise. However, the fact is to walk through the garden, planting seeds and watering plants require to move, thus making physical activity.

It Allows You To Get Some Exercises

Gardening is also an good way to reconnect with nature and enjoy the fresh air and healthy sun. However, it is important that you exercise due caution before lifting heavy gardening.

reduce environmental impact

If you are a person who loves nature and is passionate about conservation, growing their own fruits and vegetables may be your Better option. This is because when you grow your own fruits and vegetables, which helps reduce environmental impact. More specifically, the rampant use of pesticides and herbicides that cause environmental pollution should be avoided. Also, the use of fuels that would otherwise have been spent on the transport of these fruits and vegetables from the farm to your local supermarket will be avoided.

can enjoy foods that taste better

You Can Enjoy Food That Taste Better

Another benefit of growing your own fruits and vegetables is they taste better. This is because if you grow food in your own garden , is likely to eat as soon as they are ripe . This keeps the freshness and quality. This in turn, also ensures that fruits and vegetables taste better.

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is gratifying

Growing your own fruits and vegetables not only provides health benefits, it is satisfying emotionally as well. Feeding a plant that grows up and gives fruits or vegetables that provides a sense of pride. makes you feel that you have accomplished something and therefore makes emotionally happy. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can take time and patience and, finally, to achieve results, it is time to rejoice.

It helps you reduce waste

Helps You To Reduce Waste

Food waste is a major problem in many countries of the world. This is especially true if you have young children who refuse to eat something healthy. However, if you grow your own fruits and vegetables, it is easier for you to make kids eat these. This is because most children relate to things that are grown in their homes and are likely to eat them. This in turn helps reduce food waste.

is convenient

No Need To Go Market

Buying fruits and vegetables in your local market means you will have to drive your way through traffic and park the car. Once this is done, you have to check its quality and wait in line to buy them. The next step is to drive your new car through heavy traffic and reach home. All these steps involve the waste of time and money. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables, however, time, money and energy you will save.

Now that you have sufficient reasons to grow their own fruits and vegetables, is the time to plant the seeds. Rush!

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