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Top 10 Home Remedies To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, there are plenty of ways available to it, but the home remedies for weight loss are cheaper and more economical. They are relatively safe if done the right way also. Remember, weight loss in the country is about persistence along with eating right and exercising well. There are small changes that are bought about through these home remedies that help in gradual weight loss.

weight loss remedies

Again, home at your disposal a gradual option without remedies but stable weight loss compared to other modes. If done with care, this will definitely give you long term results and help keep your too- weight

Fiber Rich Food

The intake of adequate fiber varies between men and women. 21 to 25 grams of fiber a day is recommended for women, while men should have 30-38 grams of fiber daily. You may not follow precisely the amounts given, but once you know about foods rich in fiber, which has a rough estimate will also do good to you. It including fiber in food is just called small changes like adding more vegetables or fruits to your existing diet.


To obtain the maximum benefit from fibrous foods diet, it is important that you should consume different types of fibers. Vegetables and fruits have a variety of fibers such as gum, pectin, cellulose, lignin, mucilage, and soluble fiber. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten with variations. This will allow your body to get all types of fibers.

fibre food

exercises at home

The importance of aerobic activity is well known to all. Aerobic exercise not only increase our muscle strength but also improve our life thereby burning fat effectively. You should also try to do some strength training exercises at home, using her body. Yoga is probably one of the best ways to exercise to strengthen the entire body, but you can also use your body weight through exercises such as pushups, planks, etc., to keep fit and lose weight too. Walking, household chores such as cleaning, cleaning the floor, etc., are great ways to stay fit at home too.


Eat smaller portions

It has been shown that eating smaller portions is one way much healthier to lose weigh instead of eating more or have two big meals.

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How do

Basically, this focuses on the concept that the body’s metabolism requires fuel for better performance. If you are eating smaller but regular meals, the body’s metabolism is always working, therefore, digestion and food intake. But if you eat fewer but larger meals, the body tries to store more fat to compensate for the period of starvation. Therefore, it is recommended to eat smaller but regular meals at least 5-6 times a day.


Over H2O

Water not only consumed in its original form, H20, but also through fruits and vegetables. Banana contains about 80% water and so do mushrooms. Water helps you lose weight and also helps in cleansing the system. Detoxifies and helps eliminate toxins that are vital to lose weight. Water also helps make you feel fuller, which in turn curbs hunger and thus helps you lose weight. The human body loses about 75% of energy as heat during exercise. It is a byproduct of all reactions occurring in a human body. The total composition of water in our body produces to about 60%. Water is not only the elixir of life, but also an important component of blood volume. However, when we exercise most of the water is lost and feel dehydrated.


Try to have all the foods suggested above and also make sure you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. This will help you stay fuller and also energize and replenish fluids.

drink water

have more protein-rich foods

must ensure that proteins are consumed healthy that found in meats, carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, whole wheat bread, healthy fats found in olives, avocados, nuts, etc. Basically protein is one of the nutrients found in food that fills the stomach faster, but it is harder to digest. As a result, the body is constantly working to digest this low in fat but high in nutrition.

How do

So they have more protein, especially lean such as fish, egg whites, cottage cheese, etc in your diet. Also when hungry, protein snack.

Protein Rich Foods

honey and lemon juice

honey with lemon juice is one of the best remedies for weight loss and cleansing the system. Basically you need to drink warm water with a combination of honey and lemon juice. Honey has been used as a cleaning aid for years and when combined with warm water and lemon juice not only curbs hunger, but also helps in removing fat.

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Drink a glass of this water early in the morning keeps the system updated and helps you feel full for a longer period.

honey and lemon

Solutions Herbal

There are a lot of herbs available that can be included in meals each day or even just for weight loss. Basil is one of the best solutions here because again the system clean and improves immunity.


You can have juice celery and carrots with basil for vital nutrients and also keep you fuller and lighter. Another solution is to consume fenugreek seeds on an empty stomach. For this, you need to soak the seeds overnight and consume the same water the next morning. This reduces water retention and helps to shed off weight caused by excess water.



It has been known for years as a probiotic that should be a part of your meals and now it has been shown that yogurt actually helps you lose weight. Yogurt basically improves the body’s metabolism, reduces fat percentile and also helps to get the vital nutrition.


Eat yogurt at least twice a day to reduce fat and help in weight loss.


Skip to Browns

Now change to brown here simply means opt for rice comprehensive, bread and pasta instead of white, which are basically made from white flour. This helps to keep fit, reducing bad carbohydrates and fats, and also keeps you healthy and slimmer.


have more brown rice, wheat and pasta in your diet. Also try to have organic versions instead of regular.

brown rice


Change to olive oil instead of vegetable or other forms of oil which are high in fat. Olive oil is more easily absorbed, helps digestion faster and is also ideal for frying, as it is needed in smaller amounts.


Add olive oil to regular food. Using the same frying and opt for the extra virgin salad options and stay lean and slim and lose weight too.

olive oil

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