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Top 10 Foods To Beat Stress

Foods To Beat Stress

One of the most common health problems since the last decades is stress. This demon called stress has always dirtied heads and caused a series of health problems. That’s why you need to combat stress before it starts gaining on you. Combat stress is easier than I thought, but you really need to know how. Stress is a demon who is afraid of a small curve called smile. However, the challenge here is how to get the curve of her lips when you are stuck with a job he never wanted. The answer is food, but that does not mean they fall prey to any kind of eating disorders, or ignore any eating disorder caused by stress. In fact any stress related disorder requires medical attention.


The use food to combat stress means getting certain nutrients from the foods you you can put in a better mood or calm your mind. Calming down and put you in a better mood is exactly what antidepressants do too, but these could actually be very harmful and what the FDA has directed all manufacturers of antidepressants to add a black box warning on antidepressants. However that does not mean you should ignore the doctor’s advice, in fact, if a doctor recommends an antidepressant, then you should follow his advice. The doctor knows best if you are stressed, in clinical depression, or on the edge of clinical depression caused by stress and that is what your prescription is based on. These foods mentioned here are only meant to stress, it is often followed by depression which if ignored, blood pressure, anxiety, etc …

10 best foods to combat stress


often you hear that chocolates are great to cheer up when it hits your mood on the floor. If it did then what you’ve heard is true because the chocolate contains endorphins that improve mood that can make you feel much better when something or someone is stressing. Chocolate also has the ability to reduce cortisol and that is a good way to combat stress, because cortisol is a stress hormone. The black chocolate is said to be the most effective when it comes to combat stress. However avoid eating chocolates at night as chocolates contain caffeine and stimulates the mind. If you like protein bars for snacks, then you can pick up a bar of chocolate and black protein that can energize and calm down while at work.

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Almonds in pocket it is better than a sword in your hand while you are getting stressed at work. These nuts are naturally energetic energizing and keep you full longer. Almonds also make a great snack for those who regularly have to deal with daily stress at work and includes professionals and those involved in sales, marketing, banking and investment. Almonds are rich in riboflavin and vitamin E and these two nutrients can also be put in a good mood. Also minerals like magnesium and zinc that play a vital role in mood elevation are present in almonds.


chamomile tea

This concoction is one of the healthiest and eliminate stress can also be called a sleep inducer. If you are stressed then an easy way to combat stress is to find a cozy place where you can sit and enjoy this easy drink to make. dried chamomile flowers are inexpensive and can help calm down easily. Just add some dried chamomile flowers to a cup of hot water and leave for a few minutes and then swallow when it is warm. This herb relaxes the nerves kitchen in minutes and has been used for centuries.

Chamomile Tea

Green Tea

Research has found that drinking more than five cups of green tea helps most people cope with stress and depression. That’s because green tea contains an amino acid called theanine which is known to have a calming effect. However you need to check the label for the content of theanine in green tea, as it varies with the quality. Also avoid drinking green tea late in the evening or at night because like most teas, green tea also contains caffeine.

green tea


extremely low in calories these berries are an excellent snack for those with a weight loss diet. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and it is best that they are easy to carry in the snack box. fresh berries are free of toxins and preservatives, and what is fresh is always healthier. Blueberries with cottage cheese filling is a sandwich for those who want to combat stress and have no worries in calories.

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Talking about food healthy and this rare super-foods rather skip any list. Rich in iron, this pile of vegetables is also rich in magnesium and safe keeps blood pressure under control.



Long ago this grain widely available is mainly used to feed the horses and was for the poor. That has changed completely since people discovered the health benefits that come from this grain. You already know that this grain is dominating the food market because it is low in calories and to keep energized. What you probably need to know is that oats also contains a natural sedative. This natural sedative that gives a soothing oatmeal capacity is called tryptophan, an amino acid. It is recommended that to combat stress takes into account only the plain oatmeal cooked with water or milk.



The nut nutmeg has been used by the Indians, Greeks and Romans because of its medicinal value. A pinch or two of nutmeg mixed with warm water or milk powder is known to have a calming effect on the mood of one.



Beans are great for mood and natural mood elevator that makes you feel happy about the increased levels of a brain chemical called dopamine. This is why dopamine people feel relaxed after smoking, however smoking has its cons, but not Jewish.

Butter Beans


Boil some cinnamon with water and then pass this mixture through a strainer into your cup. Gobble and this mixture can calm the nerves worked up. This spice is more medicinal than most people know him. If you have cinnamon powder then simply add some to a cup of hot water and swallow. Both the smell and taste of cinnamon have soothing effect on the mind. You can also flavor your tea with cinnamon. However, do not overdo it with the spices.


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