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Top 10 Foods For Arthritis Pain

Arthritis a chronic disabling disease is characterized by swelling, stiffness and joint pain. Damaged cartilage, bones and joints and affects mobility. arthritis pain can be backed depending on your activity level, climate, and yes your diet. Although there is no cure particular diet for arthritis but are not sure they could help reducing inflammation strengthen bones and improve your immune system. Also you could limit or completely cut these foods from your diet that can make arthritis worse.


healthbenefits of pineapple

bromelain, a complex of enzyme found in pineapple is antiinflammatory and analgesic and appears as a promising adjuvant for anti-inflammatory drugs properties. These properties of pineapple helps in reducing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and even osteoporosis.

Omega-3 rich foods

top 10 benefits of Omega-3

fish such as salmon, tuna and herring are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. This Omega-3 helps in the fight against inflammation caused by arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Green Tea

top 10 benefits of green tea

number of factors such as inflammation and oxidative stress plays a role in the development of chronic joint diseases . Green tea is a popular choice worldwide. Polyphenols in green tea have been shown to inhibit inflammatory responses in different cell types and development of arthritis in many model studies.

There is considerable evidence that the polyphenols in green tea inhibits the activity of enzymes and signal transduction pathways that are involved in the destruction of the joints and inflammation in arthritis.

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Top 10 health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is a versatile herb with a wide range of grades and medical uses and is being used countless centuries and in different cultures. Turmeric contains curcumin, which stabilizes and protect biomolecules in the body at the molecular level and has “protective properties.” Research has shown that curcumin reduces inflammation at the cellular level and is an anti-inflammatory safe and effective.


top 10 health benefits of soybeans

If you are not a fan of fish, you can add soy to your diet. Soybeans have inflammation busting benefits due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids in them. Besides this, they are also high in fiber and protein, low in fat and an all-around healthy food for you.


Health Benefits of Cherries

The presence of anthocyanins in cherries them a good natural food with anti-inflammatory effect does. This helps in reducing ownership of inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.


top 10 health benefits of dairy products

Fail dairy. Milk, cheese and yogurt are rich source of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is the building material for bones and helps strengthen and vitamin D is essential for Calcium absorption .

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

top 10 benefits of olive oil

There are several benefits of extra virgin olive oil . Besides being a healthy fat, it contains olecanthol that has similar properties to NSAIDs (nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs). Avocado oil and walnut oil are also useful for someone who has arthritis, because they are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

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Blackstrap Molasses

health benefits of black molasses

Molasses is rich in vitamins and nutrients, including magnesium. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who had enough magnesium and potassium, as required by the body in their diets were stronger than those who did not bones. Magnesium is also found in bananas whole grains and beans.


health benefits of Parsley

Parsley is an excellent source of vitamins iron and folates. Vitamin C in parsley is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, which makes its use in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis .

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