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Top 10 Fitness Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

fitness mistakes that prevent weight loss

A fitness program of any kind is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. That said, a large majority of people trying to lose weight by going to the gym not get anywhere near the results of weight loss, body or health goals they are trying to achieve. Most common mistakes they make fitness as a result of which end up with average or poor results compared to what they could have achieved. By avoiding the following 10 worst errors fitness will constantly progress to the weight of his absence while saving months, even years, of wasted time, effort and frustration.

Here are 10 common mistakes Fitness slow weight loss:

1. Do not start early and quit too soon

Many people still think of take exercise programs to lose weight, but that’s all they do. They still think, but do not act. Common reasons behind this error fitness is that they are too lazy and / or do not know the benefits of taking a weight loss program. Many are also misled by others into thinking that certain types of weight loss programs can be harmful to them, especially if they have an existing medical condition. The best thing you can do to avoid this error of fitness is to consult a doctor or a trainer who can guide you to a program that is right for you. Many people also leave early because they do not see results immediately. The fact is that if you want to lose weight and improve their health significantly; then take a fitness program weight loss and stick to it.

2. Based only on fitness programs, but not eating well

If you take cardiovascular, such as aerobics, but not supported with proper diet, then you will not see the rake lbs. According to research conducted at the Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University of Chicago, men and women tend to feel hungry at the end of a workout so they eat more or, in contrast, they tend to do much less activity than the rest of the day. Therefore, if you plan to take a physical activity for weight loss, then you should also plan what you will do the rest of the day and what you will eat during the day.

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3. Without challenging the muscles enough

This is one of the most common mistakes fitness done by women. Many also use less weight or otherwise take excessive weights let gravity do the work. In any case, the weights do not question their muscles properly. To see an improvement in muscle tone, be sure to eat a diet rich in protein to increase muscle content. Also, lifting a lighter weight when you are not moving with constant weight control as rises and falls.

4. The non-use of the variety in training

Each exercise affects your body differently, especially the legs. Unless you plan to attend a competitive event, it is essential that do not adhere to a single program of exercises like cycling. Instead, limit cycling twice a week and alternate with other activities such as dancing, jogging, elliptical, etc. In addition, the cycle, and less resistance increase speed. This overload in the muscle will help you lose weight.

5. Experimenting with dietary supplements

This is the worst mistakes of the ability to avoid at all costs. Most people do not take into account that the weight loss has three fundamental characteristics: sleep, diet and fitness. You will not only transform your body to take a fitness program and set aside sleep or experimenting with supplements and switching one after another. Instead of changing a protein powder to another, you will see much better results in the transformation of his body sleep better , the formation of at least 4 days a week instead of 2 or 3 and say no alcohol on weekends.

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6. Have a training partner lame

If you it happens to train with a partner that pulls you down, or tends to injure in the gym, then you better not train with none at all. If your workout partner happens to make excuses to skip workouts, then you probably will go to training too. So find a partner who is serious about making everything you are.

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7. Establish unattainable goals

Unattainable goals come when you have high expectations that are not willing to match putting appropriate amount of work. Often we see other people who achieve faster results with their fitness programs and makes us jealous; so we want to achieve those results as well. No matter what others do. Just be sure to keep your expectations in sync with the drive to transform. Avoid this mistake of superior fitness and save yourself a lot of frustration.

8. Not knowing the difference between the development and the formation of

There is a big difference between training and education. Training is what most people do: go to the gym every day, repeating the same set of exercises you did last time and when they feel a little tension and feel uncomfortable; They give up. Training, however, means following the progressive overload fitness programs resulting in weight loss so they are finally able to do more :. More weight, more games and more difficult exercises

9. Unfollowing fitness

If tracking your efforts are performed; you are making one of the biggest fitness mistakes slow weight loss. Without monitoring, you will not just be in a position to see if a diet or fitness program is showing results.

10. Change of a weight loss program to another

There is no “fitness program better training.” The only best program is the one that fits your lifestyle, shows the results and is also sustainable. So ask :. “What are my goals, what I want to look” and then follow a program that will help you achieve those goals

avoid these 10 common errors fitness, transform your body and meet your goals of health.

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