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Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods If You Have Milk Allergy

According to the National Health Service, UK, more amount of calcium other mineral in a human body. What is calcium? It is the mineral that aids in the formation of the structure of bones and teeth and helps in the functioning of muscles. A certain amount of calcium needed daily in order to build and maintain strong bones and structures to maintain a healthy connection between the brain and other body parts. This can be done by eating calcium-rich foods every day.

A primary source of calcium, as we all know, it is milk. However, there are some conditions that lead to milk allergies in some people. How these people maintain a healthy level of calcium in their bodies? Luckily, there are many other foods rich in calcium, which can help replenish the calcium needs of your body.

importance of calcium

Calcium helps build strong bones regulates muscle contraction and helps in the release of hormones and enzymes in the human body. According to a study by the North Carolina State University, the proper amount of calcium taken early in life helps fight obesity. People who take inadequate amount of calcium before the age of 20 are at high risk of calcium deficiency that can lead to osteoporosis, and in that case the bone calcium is extracted. Calcium deficiency can also lead to eating disorders, muscle cramps, kidney failure, abnormal heart rhythms, pancreatitis, vitamin D deficiency, lethargy, numbness in the fingers and toes, and some types of cancer. Vitamin D aids in the absorption and retention of calcium in the bones.

Calcium-rich foods are foods that are high in calcium. Some foods high in calcium are milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu, almonds, hazelnuts, figs, beans, broccoli, etc. People who are allergic to milk can supplement your diet with calcium-rich foods, such as almonds, broccoli, beans, figs, hazelnuts, okra, soy, etc.

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How to choose foods rich in calcium?

% daily value (DV) helps in the selection of appropriate food. The figure given below shows the

How to Choose Calcium Rich Foods


calcium can be picked up watching your DV%. Here you can find some calcium-rich foods that can be used as an alternative to milk.

1. 100 g of crude bok choy has 105 mg or 11% of the daily value of calcium.

Cabbage Calcium Rich Foods

Chinese cabbage is the most effect natural remedy for cancer. Not only cancer drug, but it can help prevent damage to heal the cancer cells produce in our body.
is also a very good source of both calcium and vitamin K, which makes it easier for your body to retain calcium intake.

2. 100 g of cooked okra is 77 mg or 8% of the daily value of calcium.

Okra-Calcium Rich Foods

A calcium-rich food, okra helps strengthen bones in our body. Regular consumption of okra helps fight diseases like osteoporosis.

3. 100 g of cooked broccoli has 47 mg or 5% of the daily value of calcium.

Broccoli-Calcium Rich Foods

Broccoli, cooked, juiced or raw, is very high in vitamin K, which helps your body retain calcium absorbed. Broccoli is known as a bone-builder because of its unique combination of vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium.

4. 100 g of raw spinach has 99 mg or 10% of the daily value of calcium.

Spinach Calcium Rich Foods

Raw spinach is extremely rich in calcium and helps prevent weak, brittle bones. When cooked, most calcium is lost. Therefore, you want to replace the spinach to your calcium needs, have it rough.

5. 100 g of whole wheat bread has 107 mg or 11% of the daily value of calcium.

Bread Calcium Rich Foods

commercially prepared whole wheat bread is also a decent source of calcium if you are allergic to milk. It can serve as an alternative on days when they get bored of eating other vegetable substitutes for calcium.

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6. 100 g of parsley has 138 mg or 14% of the daily value of calcium.

Parsley Calcium Rich Foods

More calcium, parsley is a rich source of vitamin K. This does not mean that no supplement your calcium needs at all. Despite its oxalate content, parsley download a good amount of calcium for your body.

7. 100 g of cooked mustard leaves is 74 mg or 7% of the daily value of calcium.

Mustard Green Calcium Rich Foods

Mustard greens is rich in calcium and cooking does not hurt calcium levels. Include a bowl of mustard greens in your weekly diet to supplement your calcium intake.

8. 100 g of raw watercress has 120 mg or 12% of the daily value of calcium.

Water Cress For Calcium Rich Foods

raw watercress contains a good amount of calcium. It is one of the richest in calcium and contains 120 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams.

9. 100 g of rhubarb is 86 mg or 9% of the daily value of calcium.

Rhubarb Calcium Rich Foods

rhubarb is one of the best vegetable sources of calcium. In fact, it contains more calcium than milk. Although the body can not absorb as much calcium as does rhubarb from milk, rhubarb is still an excellent source of calcium if you can not have milk.

10. 5 g of raw dried herbs has 106 mg or 11% of the daily value of calcium.

Raw Dried Herbs Calcium Rich Foods

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