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Tomato Sauce Scam. You’ve Been Fooled Again

The National Consumers League has again call the Food and Drug Administration to renew their efforts to prevent consumers from being deceived by the misleading labeling of fruits and vegetables -. This time in the industry of canned tomato products

The labels of some popular tomato sauces are not what they seem. Consumer groups are in this identity theft deception Food and news agencies are reporting the scam. These products suspected mislead consumers with statements like “Made from California Vine-ripened tomatoes,” implying that are made from fresh tomatoes.

But in fact, the products are made using reconstituted Industrial tomato pulp and tomato concentrate added water. Tomato sauce reconstructed from concentrate is a highly processed food that is cheaper to manufacture and more cost effective for companies that are trying to pass off the matter as the real thing.

culprits include some of the biggest names in the industry, including Del Monte, Contadina, and Classico.

The only way for consumers to avoid being scammed is to carefully check the ingredients label on the back of the package. The first ingredient should be tomatoes. If the first ingredients are water and tomato paste, tomato puree or (from water and tomato paste), the product is likely reworked from concentrate.

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Here are some examples of misleading labeling:

• Del Monte seafood Salsa Rosa says “Made of California-ripened tomatoes” on the front of the pack when, in fact, it is made from concentrate (tomato paste and add water). An image of a ripened tomato appears just below the claim.

• Classic tomato and basil Pasta Sauce it says on the label “In colorful Naples, pasta sauces are pure and simple, with ripe, red tomatoes …” when the product is actually made concentrate. The claim has been deleted again “value size” 44-ounce jars of salsa, but still appears on the label of the smallest, 24 Oz. product.

• Contadina Pizza Sauce and Contadina Puree that state “Contadina picks the freshest tomatoes” and “Our tomatoes ripened in gypsy style cultivated a rich red color before picking …” (an image the front label represents vine ripe tomatoes and a tomato field and the term “Rome style tOMATOES” appears on the front of the package below the Contadina brand). Products which, in fact, are made from concentrate.

Other products with misleading labels are identified by NCL Francesco Rinaldi Original Traditional pasta sauce and tomato puree Gia Russa.

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