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Today’s health-tip ….. my stories!

health-Today’s tip ….. my stories!

Yesterday was a terrible day for me …. about five morning when I woke up was a lot of pain in the head, he thought that the fact that the cold weather will be like at some time …. it will be fine. But this was a different kind of headache. Well, the head of the pack, but found peace where it was fall. Thought, which must have been the same sensation of cold-Vand …. tomorrow night 15-20 km from the town Yamunanagar Kagovali was attending a … Satsang Once the car window was open next year, so it seemed that the cold air will be trapped. But still the cold air does not bother me as I was growing up.
Well, then the house had been all Mambrrg. Take some tea biscuits said Mrs. …. I told you, but when tea was ready, I do not want to take care of it! Well, early in the morning, he began again to nausea c … repeatedly called on the sink and becomes a little lighter. But then the same problem …. just did not fall asleep, and then as the head burst. (Yes, I just want to share with me than ever vomiting patient who does not know ….. not Ginn, when a patient vomits in the room, so I do not feel at all, there is very nice to him and tell him …. no, I do not know ……….. feel comfortable, I remember my old time comes) … …… Well, the hospital had to then go .. … because yesterday I was watching the work of the medical superintendent of the hospital.
Hospital of sitting on a small improvement in the situation there. One capsule taken to reduce acidity, but after a few minutes was dragged into the sink. Well, Mrs. Ji also said the frequent headache is thought to be somewhere in the lifestyle it is not so uneven. I know they were not going to get regular cab hate, do yoga. Well, I did not know at that time.
As the afternoon came home and was pm …. but there was no desire to eat something. But … jus jus ordered the closure of the store because of its Ramu brought sugar cane juice. But it was not desire to drink. . Only headache in the middle between the old and nausea were in.
seems we have to tell the story I’m writing. Well, after a while came at the moment the housing market in the last two or three days, flour was used to understand everything …… simply did not take long to come. quickly they realized that the last two or three days, the stomach was not clear white bread, gum was not seeing her desire to eat and brevity acidity of two, three days and was living. We have brought to market any flour bread …….. never all members of gross Virhodhi oppose. Then were published in the Bombay our biggest problem was that the market did not exist, we never had meal fashion. flour mill Bombay Central Area Punjabi in the store was so ……… but that was not even in it. Well, when we returned in the Punjab, so (especially) was the fact that the special pleasure of eating mass way.
The last two of three at home in the market because the flour is used when two, three times Ramu was received electricity mill Tho. Not that we have the habit of coarse meal. So we are in the market, even the thinnest dough in the flour mill will never say ….. thin crust so they tend to say … the only downside to this is that the The tiny .. . but not ground too finely, the first of which was put to mourn for a cereal grain of the skin is removed …… and say to mourn .. ..और जो झाड़ इसे रूला करने की प्रक्रिया में प्राप्त होता है ये चक्की वाले इसे अलग से बेचते हैं …… मजे की बात यह है कि लोग इसे जानवरों के लिये खरीद कर ले जाते हैं यह गेहूं का … it is a nutritious part. Was full of small barrel showed that the mill.
I myself have several times heard the cry of people mill before Lenakkpisne course. ….. And of course they do not like wholemeal flour sold in the market that has shown that bran ….. Therefore, it is left to us in a way that only the white flour Today people are looking crow breads. But it is the root of our problems ……. most of all, especially the stomach to eat the dough is not properly cleaned, causing the head all day is a bit heavy and uncomfortable in the life of the mind. . … Hun Lai, water, electricity kdh Lai Tan BCIA children (take longer if water is taken from the electricity saving!) …….. Unfortunately, today we take the road to the market are eating flour just not even think about it, man became the cry of wheat, bran has been removed …… only then we receive are suffering. What is there in wheat fiber, so that the outside of the cover (which is removed by mourn) … and that would have had the bran that our body is extremely important because only these indigestible items Go to Aantdion our water to soak the flowers are very large role in the expulsion of feces.
Because the stomach is not clear that any of them ever thicker dough ….. not be eliminated .. … it is advisable eat.Matramen abundant consumption of vegetables and pulses do not get along clear why. Curnon to clean the stomach in the same newspaper on the TV to the intercession of those things were not the focus.
…… so, his health deteriorated because of what I’m talking about flour was heard .. five..then condition at the time of the evening was a bit improved grape and tangerine juice drink ….. but as soon as the hospital was vomiting. I was just thinking about getting a shot that came to mind the idea of ​​a walk …… half hour walk and go home a little later felt good came to rest in the TV dinner …. .. desired, then the coarse flour …… so relieved that ate the loaves. You’ll laugh a few pages of this novel, written by the doctor has given you.
This is the summary of the whole thing …. just …. only …… only coarse flour and coarse meal just consumed.The parts must be listed in the baked white bread, bread, etc ….. visible not harm your health, please eat them, so my son sat too …………… she was expressed support is shake your Mundi. What do you think?

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