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Tips to Increase Brain Power

Mental or more simply to strong mind can be defined as intellectual mind or a mind with a strong logic of the act. A person who has control over his own mind and brain is superior brain power. In other words, we can say that the effective use of one brain is expressed as brain power.
Our brain is like a machine. The more you are going to use more is to be active. brain power has nothing to do with how good your IQ level but simply becomes stronger the way you use your intelligence present.
When someone with a lot of talent and a high IQ level, the sad stay and does nothing except be in tears or someone with a lot of money to invest in the business, but it does not have an adequate plan to act, here in both cases the low or negligible brainpower.
Diet for brain power: In the case of construction muscle or strengthening of mind, diet plays an important role. The type of diet one is taking depends on the reaction of the food for both body and mind. A person who really wants to increase brain power should have a diet that is high in omega-3 fatty acid fish, for example.
Tips to Increase Brain Power
Tips increase brain power:
Chess • Take puzzle challenges and make a regular habit to solve • Try to teach your other hand to act similarly the way your main hand to do • Meditate regularly to increase its concentration • spiritual meditation to control the brain and mind • polish their creativity technique • Learn to include logic • Think positive • Play brain storm • Play twister • Eat lots of fresh green vegetables • drink plenty of water • Take power nap • Listen melodious music • Walking bare-foot on the lawn in the morning • sense of humor • Play EQ [19459001-basedquestionnaire] • read books, novels, magazines • talk less hear more • solve complicated mathematical problems • Stay in touch with nature sometimes • learn new things • Expand your curious • always keep your mind open to learn quickly • Try to get experience in learning different languages ​​around the world • Use less of technologies such as technologies make our brain and body lazy to work.

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So here are the points to follow and to be included in the normal lifestyle for people who want to control their brain by strengthening and being superior to the mind.

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