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Tips to avoid the most common running injuries

If there is a sport that everyone could practice and at all times of the year, that is execution. It seems as easy as buying a pair of socks and shoes get to run, and we are not aware that their practice can result in injury. The progression is stagger setting small goals have to overcome to participate in official competitions. If you have decided it is time to introduce a competition here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid further damage.

running injuries

Avoid asphalt

Soft surfaces are suitable for training, grass or dirt. The body does not suffer as much as when running injuries on asphalt and in the end thanks. It is true that most popular races are held on the tar, but do not forget that this is about how to prepare better. It all depends on the kilometers to complete and the land on which we will compete, but will choose an alternative to standard road asphalt.

Striding Short

Despite the general belief, a short step is most appropriate if we want to get rid of major injuries such as tendonitis. This is because the ground contact is smaller, and joint injuries runs.

Warming and back stretch

is essential to warm up 15 minutes before exercise will make the body is making the effort carried out later, but not least is the picture of stretch to conclude that any exercise to recover naturally our initial state.


The training session before they show should have a bit of everything :. Different surfaces, a variety of distances and less intense rhythms and even combined with the activity of the gym

Rest and caution

Recall that we risk injuries occur and not worth the few days of the test. These tips, along with a healthy and adequate food are the key to success.

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