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Three Easy Healthy Eating Habits to Start Now (Video)

three simple healthy eating habits start now, What’s on the kitchen counter? When you open the refrigerator, what is the first thing you see?

Do you have healthy foods at home? What about food not so healthy? Where these teams are stored?

Are your fruits and vegetables hidden in the lower drawer of your refrigerator, or are visible and ready to grab?

I apologize if these questions seem intrusive. It may seem strange, but believe it or not, are important, and answer you and your family more than you can imagine can benefit.

The reason?

Where stored food can make a big difference in your eating habits.

When I say CAN, I mean an approach to a healthier diet, which was designed by Brian Wansink, PhD, and author of Slim Design :. Mindless Eating everyday Solutions life .

CAN is an acronym of C onvenient A ttractive, and N Ormal. Think about these three words on the purchase and storage of food, and you might just find yourself eating more healthfully -. Easily

Dr. Wansink is the Director of Cornell Food and Brand Lab . His team analyzed 112 studies that collects information about healthy eating behaviors and found that the healthiest eaters made because a restaurant, grocery store, school cafeteria, or spouse made foods like fruits and vegetables visible and easily accessible (suitable), shown temptingly (attractive) and appear as a (normal) obvious choice.

“A healthy diet can be as easy as making the healthier the most convenient and attractive, and the normal option,” said Dr. Wansink.

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ScienceDaily elaborates:

The study, published in Psychology and Marketing shows that when the fruit is placed in a nice bowl next to car keys – or when a cafe stands beside a well illuminated cash register – it is much more comfortable, attractive, normal to grab a banana chip chocolate cookie dough ice cream at the end back of the freezer. When restaurants give the salad appetizer shrimp high yield an attractive name, note that on the menu, and then the waitress designate it as a special, which is much more comfortable, attractive, normal to order the onion rings fried in the back of the menu.

press release from Cornell

“With these three principles, there are plenty of changes that can be made to bring people – including ourselves – to eat healthier, “Wansink said. For example, if a school wants children to take whiter than milk chocolate milk, can make white milk more convenient (put it on the front of the fridge), more attractive (sold in a bottle shapely ) or normal (half of refrigerator give space instead of a small corner of the fridge). In previous studies conducted by Dr. Wansink each of these changes increased white milk consumption by 30-60% in schools.

Here are some ways that you can incorporate the principles of CAN in his life:

  • Place a fruit plate in the kitchen counter
  • Keep fresh fruit cut into containers and store them on the top shelf of the refrigerator
  • cut up vegetables and store them in a container with immersion to facilitate the pecking
  • Serve healthy foods like salads and vegetables at every meal
  • healthy the snack shops like Greek yogurt, walnuts and slices of hard cheese in visible places
  • Leave treats like cookies and candy in less visible places, like the back of the pantry (out of sight, out of mind)
  • serving food in colorful dishes, and use containers fun to store individual portions of food
  • bring healthy snacks with you when moving
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we know that impose stricter standards on itself and “dieting” do not work – and often counterproductive completely, leaving heavier and less healthy than they were before starting their “plan. “

Therefore, using the method of the CAN can help you set himself for success by creating their environment .

Listen Dr. Wansink explain this approach to Consumer Eyes

What are you waiting sooner you implement these ideas? , the sooner you can start eating healthier. And if weight loss is your goal, is likely to facilitate the process by reordering their environment in such ways as well.

by Lisa Egan and permission for publication by the license BipCot NoGov.

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