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This Woman Is 68 Years Old And This Is Her Secret! AMAZING!

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Have you heard of Sofia Rotaru? She is one of the most famous singers from Russia and if you see on the street that leaves not guess his age. People are constantly admiring the youth of this woman and no one has guessed her true age. Everyone thinks she is 35-40 years at most, but the truth is that she will be August 69. She has a grandson 21 years and people often confuse not to be his grandmother sister. It is surprising how young this woman is.
She constantly posts photos of her soft skin, toned and young in your Instagram profile (mark your s_rotaru profile for more photos). This Woman Is 68 Years Old And This Is Her Secret
She was not like this before, but lately it has lost a lot of weight and was completely transformed. The Russian public can not believe how much has changed and many believe that the change in appearance is the work of a renowned plastic surgeon.
She denies the charges and says his secret is his beauty sleep eight hours and work in the garden regularly. It is what keeps its shape, young and full of energy. She grows her own tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions and flowers. She follows a simple diet plan that gives the youthful and toned we all admire. When she wants to shed a few pounds that just will not eat things that make your fat

This is their diet :.
– The first three days only eats rice, cooked. unsalted
-. the next three days she eats only vegetables
– the last three days that only eats fruit
she only eats the food that grows itself, which is 100% organic and also may have. the reason behind its incredible appearance.
Every morning shower with carbonated water, exercise done regularly, go swimming and enjoy the sauna.
ultimately remains quite amazing what you see, so we wonder if only healthy habits can turn back time and make you look 30 years younger


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