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This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer By Only Drinking This Juice!

Ann Cameron is an author of books for children famous.

In 2012, she was diagnosed colon cancer and she decided to share her experience with this terrible disease with the world.

Ann Cameron underwent surgery to remove the tumor and is supposed to have chemotherapy treatments later.

Unfortunately, she was so disappointed unsuccessful treatment of her husband that their cause to do so at all, but looked for a alternative method of treatment in place.

While she was looking for an alternative natural way to treat your cancer therapy Found information about Ralph Cole, the man who claimed to have cured his cancer by drinking 2 pounds of carrot juice a day.

He started drink carrot juice every day with the same daily dose.

After 8 weeks, it states that medical examination revealed that the cancer has stopped spreading, stars tumors and lymph nodes to decrease.

After 4 months, the tumor is still retiring and felt much better. 8 months later, a CT scan showed that the cancer had disappeared.

Carrot juice is perfectly compatible with chemotherapy and simultaneous radiation but Ann decided to try only carrot juice, because she did not ‘t want to go through all side effects of chemotherapy.

so I had no chemotherapy, no radiation, no other treatments only carrot consumption.

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Ann said “ no harm in postponing the usual treatments and try a natural alternative to stop the spread and hopefully cure the disease.”

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