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This Woman Could Not Get Out Of The Bed Because Of A Strong Pain In The Joints, Until She Started Taking This!

This is the case of an older woman who suffered from terrible pains in the joints, especially knees and ankles. She recovered thanks to this natural medicine that provides amazing results.

Before she discovered this natural remedy, which was constantly hundreds of prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs that only treat the symptoms and provide relief was only temporary. The diagnosis was no mystery: suffering from arthritis. The point was that the cause of this condition was not treated; only the symptoms, but do not quit, and decided to do everything possible in order to find a suitable treatment for horrible condition. Luckily, he managed to find a natural remedy for the condition suffering. This remedy not only got rid of the symptoms and pain, but also eliminates the effects of the disease as well. As explained by women, this remedy was all I needed to get up and relieve the terrible pain he was experiencing in her joints. Is incredible!

  • One liter of water
  • A medium eggplants companies


Start by washing eggplant and cut into rings. Then place the eggplant in a pan filled with boiling water, and let the inside until the hot water cools. It allows about 750 ml of this water is poured into a glass container and store the container in the refrigerator. The remaining 250 ml of water must be used for external application.

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For this method, you will have the same ingredients as for the first, plus 50 ml of olive oil. 250 ml of the liquid of the preceding stage and combined with olive oil. Keep the mixture has just got in the fridge.


When it comes to internal use of the remedy, here it is how you should eat:

– 250 ml in the morning, before breakfast, on an empty stomach

– 250 ml at lunchtime

– 250 ml at night


When it comes to external use of the solution should be applied to affected areas at night before going to sleep. Take a certain amount of liquid and rub it on the affected areas, then place a clean cloth over them to remain warm. Repeat this treatment method every day, and twenty days late, you will be able to regain its usual movement in the knees and legs. You will get rid of inflammation forever!

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