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This Vitamin Cures Pneumonia in 3 Hours – Naturally!

With more than 50,000 deaths per year, pneumonia and flu are the eighth leading cause of death in the US. UU .. Although many people get the flu vaccine as prevention, very few end protected against these lung diseases.

Besides being ineffective, flu vaccines also compromise the immune system of a patient. On the one hand, these vaccines contain many harmful chemicals like mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. These harmful metals can cause neurological damage and even reproductive problems. In addition, antibiotics are prescribed at random as the treatment of viral infections, including the most serious types of viral pneumonia, although these drugs are completely ineffective against viruses.

On the positive side, natural medicine has proven to be much more effective in treating viral infections.

This Vitamin Cures Pneumonia in 3 Hours – Naturally!

A vitamin can kill pneumonia in contact

During the 1940s, Frederick Klenner, MD, records the benefits of sufficient doses of vitamin C to treat more than 30 diseases, such as pneumonia. As mentioned above, viral infections can not be treated with antibiotics, that any doctor can confirm. To make things worse, viral infections are accompanied by weakened immune systems and lymphatic system, which leads to a viral overload often results in severe pneumonia.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, ie the body’s immune response to foreign bodies. It also supports liver detoxification and improves cognitive function. Among other things, this vitamin has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of common colds, asthma, gout, bone and muscle injuries, hypertension, as well as seasonal allergies.

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Apart from the fight against pneumonia, vitamin C stimulates the natural defense mechanisms of the body without damaging the intestinal flora.

The conclusion is that vitamin C is essential for overall health. Best of all is that it is readily available in fresh fruits and vegetables, leafy green vegetables, legumes, some grains and algae.

Notable effects of vitamin C against pneumonia were shared by Dr. Andrew Saul, who has personally cured pneumonia in 3 hours. The video below presents a part of this interview, as well as advice on the appropriate dose of vitamin D to help your child recover from this severe upper respiratory disease in a completely natural way.

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