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This Teenage Kid Died From Overuse of Deodorants

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the teenager Thomas Tausend (16) Kent city, MI died after inhaling too much deodorant gas.

The analysis carried out after death, she says Thomas had finished using deodorants to clean himself and smell good, instead of having a shower. Police have found 42 empty bottles of deodorant spray in your bedroom.

His parents claim that Thomas was using a deodorant every week, because I did not want to shower. They by the consequences and the amount of deodorant spray your child was wearing surprised.

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The report states that the reason for the death was inhalation of butane gas the child inhales. The main danger of inhaling butane gas is asphyxiation, and lower concentrations may even have narcotic effects, such as dizziness, headache, nausea and loss of coordination.


few years Daily Mail reported in a similar case in which a child, Daniel Hurley, a 12-year-old has also collapsed and diet after using a lot of deodorant in a small bathroom. The child was sprayed with Vice Lynx spray and after inhaling a large amount of gas, irregular heartbeats and began shortly after his father found him collapsed.

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