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This Simple Trick Will Relieve Your Stiff Neck in Just 60 seconds

Everyone suffers from stiff neck occasionally. This condition is characterized by pain in the neck muscles is accompanied by varying degrees of pain that may even extend to the head, shoulders and / or arms. In more severe cases, it can also inhibit the ability of a person to turn his head sideways or backwards.

Stiff symptoms neck usually last a couple of days or a week and can trigger neck pain ranging from a little painful and unbearable limiting.

This Simple Trick Will Relieve Your Stiff Neck in Just 60 seconds

A stiff neck is commonly the result of the following:

  • muscle strain or sprain
  • position inadequate sleep
  • sports injuries, hindering neck
  • Any activity involving several times to turn his head from side to side, like swimming
  • poor posture, such as slouching while working on the computer
  • excessive stress, which can result in neck strain
  • holding the neck in an abnormal position for a long period (eg , holding a phone between the neck and shoulder).

A massage is often effective in relieving this pain. However, stiff neck is very annoying and debilitating, so most people just want to get rid of it immediately. According Allyn Kakuk, DPT, a physiotherapist welfare of the Mayo Clinic, there is a simple routine that you can do to get rid of pain in just 60 seconds. This is how:

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Step 1 #

Locate the point of pain. If you are on the right side of your neck or upper back, put your right hand in the area. For a sore left hand, use your left hand.

Step 2 #

Using firm pressure, press the painful area with your fingers. This can cause some pain, but nothing unbearable. In the words of Kakuk “ should be a good damage that can be tolerated, not a sharp pain .” Alternatively, you can use a tennis ball or other strut if you can not quite reach the wound. Simply lean against a wall for leverage.

Step 3 #

The next thing to do is turn your head slightly in the opposite direction cramp, and fold diagonally, as if trying to touch her armpit with his chin. The thing is that you can actually relax the cramped muscle by applying pressure on it.

Step 4 #

continuously, do steps 1-3 for 20 times. Finally, give your neck and upper back a nice, long stretch. Repeat the series during the day to keep the relaxed muscle.




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