Dried plums are not a tasty snack that everyone would like to eat, but when you hear about all the benefits that they have you might think twice before they deny. An investigation has been carried out recently revealed that consumption of these probiotic nuts reduces the risk of colon cancer. Go with reading this text if you want to know the results of research and see if you will be convinced to include dried plums in their daily diet.

Dried Plums favor of retaining the microbiota

The research we are talking took performed by Dr. Nancy Turner of Texas a & M, a research professor in the department of nutrition science and food. According to research regular consumption of plums helps the body retain intestinal bacteria found in the colon. The good news is that this bacterium is healthy bacteria and reduces the risk of colon cancer in a way that fights cancer cells and prevents the growth of tumors. There are about billion types of bacteria that can be found in the intestinal tract and the microbiota is only one. Disruption of the bacteria leads to intestinal inflammation and some other problems that can lead to colon cancer.

Dried plums contain phenolic compounds

According to Dr. Turner dried plums contain phenolic compounds and that is its power. She says that these compounds are very healthy and have numerous health effects. The best of them is that they can act as antioxidants and fight free radicals which are known as the leading cause of cancer. Moreover free radicals that damage DNA are also known.

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these compounds have been tested in rats. For this purpose, the rats were divided into two groups, the first group was provided with the diet containing dried plums and the other group had a controlled diet without dried plums. Both diets include the same composition total count of energy and macronutrients, to ensure that the only difference between diets was the addition of dried plums. In the end the race intestinal examined and concluded plum compounds are really powerful. From the research he revealed two things hitherto unknown. The first was that dried plums increase the amount of healthy intestinal bacteria and decrease healthy intestinal bacteria. They also revealed that rats in the diet dried plum also had a lower occurrence of aberrant crypts in rats compared to the control diet. Aberrant crypts similar way as free radicals are strong indicators of increased risk of cancer development. So from the above, the researchers also found that rats that ate dried plums were less likely to develop colon cancer.

Final Thoughts on Dried Plums

Finally we can say that the most important thing that Dr. Turner revealed about dried plums is that eating dried plums promotes retention of healthy microbiota. This is important because it directly risk of colon cancer is reduced.

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also he mentioned that more research is needed in order to explore the effect of dried plums completely.

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