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This Plant Proven To Treat 75% Of Tumors And Scientists Confirms Tumors Never Grows Back

Blush Wood also known as yellow wood, is a plant that has exceptional medicinal properties which is believed to be very useful in the fight against tumors in the near future.

Scientists artificially induced 300 animals (cats, dogs, horses, Tasmanian devils) with tumors and melanomas. Fortunately, 75% of them were cured with the extract of the berries.

According to the scientists, tumor subsequently did not return.

is believed that the ingredients contained in berries kills tumor cells, direct the bloodstream of infected tissue and stimulates the immune system to actively decompose the remaining tumor.

Unfortunately, the plant has its limitation. It is expected to be difficult to grow outside North Queensland.

Fortunately, there is another gift of nature that has a similar effect on tumors, these are some of them.

Hemp oil – a month of use

After 4 years of chemotherapy also that ruined his life, this man began using oil illegally, but it was worth.

Hemp oil saved his life and destroys tumor cells. He is just one of the many cases that demonstrate the effectiveness of hemp oil

– Carrots. Eight months

Ann Cameron was able to cure cancer stage 4 colon by drinking carrot juice alone, without radiation, chemotherapy and dietary changes.

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She refused chemotherapy and decided to follow in the footsteps of Ralph Cole, the man who claimed to have cured his cancer by drinking 2 pounds of carrot juice a day. In 2013, the cancer was gone, all cancerous lymph nodes have returned to normal

After eight months of drinking carrot juice, cancer is completely gone

Graviola -.. Very efficient! Numerous studies done in secret since the 1970s have shown that this plant kills cancer cells in our body successfully and 10,000 times more effective than ordinary chemotherapy.

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