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This Plant Kills 98% of Cancer Cells in 16 Hours!

entist have continuously been working on a cure for cancer – one of the deadliest diseases of modern times, with the hope that one day this disease will be history, as many have gone before.
There are many plant scientists have claimed to be a cure with a high potential so that removes 98% of the cancer cells within 16 hours.

Namely, according to a study published in “Life Sciences”, artemisinin – an ingredient found in sweet wormwood, or Artemisia annua, which has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, can be removed 98% of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours. If the plant is used by itself it will eliminate 28% of the cells of breast cancer, whereas if combined with iron, wormwood sweet can hit “delete” cancer completely, without causing any damage to healthy cells , which it was demonstrated in the experiment.
One has to wonder if this is really the cure for cancer in the near future, be able to eliminate the disease such as flu and colds can be eliminated, or is this just an assumption by a team of scientists to do research on this type of cures. Feel free to share your thoughts on free stuff.

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