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This picture shows what type of person are you!

This picture shows what type of person are you!

Look at this chart thousand years and discover the deepest mystery of his personality.


This drawing over a hundred years under different names, and the last days had begun to spread around the media. It first appeared on a postcard from Germany in 1888, and then in a journal of the American comedy in 1981. This work of art is made by the British boy, William Ely Hill.

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There’s a girl and old lady in the picture, and what your perception will first tell you what kind of person you are.


The girl in the picture is turn your face you and looks into the distance, and your profile can see your nose and eyelashes. She has a veil waiting in his hat, fur coat wears, and a necklace.

Explanation : You are always ready for the party and meeting places; you’re the kind of person with a youthful spirit and is optimistic about the world look.

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The old lady

You look at the profile of the elderly and the ear of the girl is the eye of the elderly. the lines of the girl on the cheek and jaw represent the old woman’s nose, lips necklace is the old, and the veil of the old woman looks more like a scarf.

Explanation :. If you have seen for the first time to the elderly, who are pessimistic and skeptical type of person and because your spirit is older than it really is

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The This photo shows what kind of person you are! first he appeared in Healthy Life Concept .

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