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This One Bedtime Habit Is The Reason You Can't Sleep At Night. Stop Doing This!

Mobile phones are being used today more than ever, and that has led to fewer staff people, laziest, and even lose sleep. People are very connected to their phones, it seems that they are even able to put aside their welfare to be on their phones. Here’s why you should find a better way to sleep at night …

Perfect to disrupt sleep.

With all the different phone functions are almost certain to keep you engaged, whether scrolling through social media, playing the last addictive game, or finishing some work, it is difficult enough to wean itself. This could result in being unable to totally relax and calm the mind enough to reach deep sleep.

The bright blue light.

The light shining light emitted from your phone is actually telling your mind to stay awake. production of melatonin in the body is reduced, which decreases your body’s ability to sleep. Experiencing these long-term effects have been associated with certain cancers, heart disease and immune system disorders.

Need natural darkness.

Your body needs natural darkness to adequately protect itself and maintain regular sleep patterns. The presence of light tells our body to wake up, so it is important to have notifications on the phone off, so you ensure that your sleep will not be interrupted. Try reading a book, draw a picture or write a story as easy to calm your mind before going to bed forms.

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