Most people simply overlook the amazing benefits of this oil for hair and skin, as they see it as an oil sticky and thick consistency. The truth is that this is a natural and affordable remedy that is perfect for many skin conditions and hair. So you should not ignore the benefits of castor oil.


Castor oil is a great remedy if you have fine hair. It also helps to minimize scar tissue and get smooth and shiny lips.


  • buy castor oil cold pressed and organic (which should be free-hexane)
  • Apply castor oil to your eyebrows a day after washing your face at night

Do this for three months and his eyebrows will significantly darker and thicker. It will be the best way to apply castor oil night.

HOW DOES Castor oil?

should apply castor oil on the head, eyelashes and eyebrows. This oil contains high amounts of ricinoleic acid. This acid is a highly effective natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent and helps in inhibiting hair growth by bacteria or fungi.

Another way that works castor oil is due to their thick coats of hair and prevents it from falling. It is loaded with omega 9 fatty acids, which gives food to the hair follicle and the surrounding skin. Castor oil penetrate deep pores and follicles and provide nourishment. It is the follicle where hair is produced.

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Because castor oil has high gloss, but also gives your hair a good shine and luster. That’s why you should start using this extra-hair growing home remedy.

HELP WITH hair growth

Just put 2 drops of castor oil in your hands. Gentle rubbing and through the ends of hair. Do not apply too much of it, because they do not want to have too heavy greasiness. A subtle sheen can be more than enough. It should be applied very light and increase it to find the right amount that is right for your hair type. It can be used as castor oil scalp treatment and re-grow hair on the head. Castor oil may be transmitted by adding seed oil melted apricot, coconut oil or other light oil.

pure castor oil can be perfect for thinning the edges of the hairline. Apply this oil to your lashes with a light hand. It will help in making her stronger and thicker eyelashes, and in preventing them from becoming thin and shed.

USE TO REDUCE CASTOR scar tissue and LIPS FOR smooth, bright

Castor oil is also beneficial for keloids type and various scars that have hardened scar tissue. This is because it is capable of deep penetration through multiple layers of the skin. It can help soften the skin at a high level so that there is no break deep scar tissue. This can help smooth out.

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Castor oil is also useful as a stimulating agent WBCs. It is beneficial in reducing the inflammatory response in subcutaneous tissue. The oil is therefore more useful to increase the rate of wound healing and minimizing healing at a faster rate.

Another benefit of castor oil is that it helps in protecting the lips from the elements. Lips are known to regenerate and recover at an accelerated pace. However, they can easily become dry and start to peel when they are dehydrated. You can also use it as the natural shine of the lips. Castor oil helps improve the health and appearance of your lips.

Danna Norek is the founder AuraSensory.com. Its product line includes natural skin care, hair care and body care products. His lip balm is castor oil as its main ingredient and provides protection, shine and moisture to the lips. The product line also consists of a natural shine shampoo Improving your free sulfate. Other products include Deep Hydration Conditioner, a popular vitamin C and MSM cream for the face, and a natural deodorant.

The This oil is large and to thicken regrowing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows first appeared in My healthy life Vision .

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