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This Morning’s Dr Chris Steele reveals he suffered with life-threatening sepsis

Clinicians joined this morning hosts Holly and Phil to discuss the symptoms and warning signs disease, also known as blood poisoning

sepsis is a life-threatening condition n that can be caused by infection or injury -. Sending body’s immune system into overdrive as it tries to fight it.

This can cause organs to close with its blood supply is cut off.

His warning comes after a mother of two died of sepsis after scratching the back of her hand while she was gardening

Lucinda Smith, 43 he went to see his doctor after experiencing shoulder pain after minor rubbing, in March last year.

his family questioned why she was not ‘t given a simple blood test by a physician.

Dr. Chris said he could not be sure because you do not know the conversation Lucinda would have with your doctor.

however, realistic said, doctors are “not going to be doing a blood test for a painful shoulder.”

“is the body’s immune system goes into overdrive trying to fight an infection.”

Dr. Chris describe symptoms people should look out for. They are shaking chills, rapid breathing, fast heart rate, confusion, drowsiness and lethargy.

The GP said there will be a campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of infection with doctors and doctors so the signs of infection can not miss.


Phil are the most severe symptoms of sepsis are.

Dr. Chris said they include diarrhea and vomiting, clammy, cold mottled skin, and sometimes a rash similar to meningitis – .. but stressed that are late stage

Phil said people should be aware that at the time these symptoms appear, it is an emergency situation

holly questioned how doctors know that people are suffering from sepsis.

Dr. Chris said doctors take blood samples from patients to find and evaluate any signs of a bacterial infection. “Then start with intravenous fluids and antibiotics,” he said.

Phil also said Dr. Chris had been treated for sepsis and asked to describe what happened.

Dr. Chris said.. “I woke up in the middle of the night without breath could not understand what was happening I was trying to get my wife to call an ambulance, it was a job 999 in the hospital. I could hardly get out the worst.

“the error was found E. coli is a common misconception.

“.. It is a common cause of urinary tract was just out of my intestines in my bloodstream”

Phil asked: “If you have any of these symptoms that are quite within their rights to go to your doctor “

Dr. Chris said if anyone experiencing symptoms to go straight aa & E.

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