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This Man Refused Chemotherapy – He Healed Himself With The Help Of This Simple Recipe!

In 1976, Stamatisu Moraitis was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he accepted the fact that was to die. He was told by nine different doctors who have only six months and have to start chemotherapy immediately. He refused to undergo this treatment and decided to return to his place of birth Ikaria in Greece.


At first, he began to suffer from depression and would stay I lie all day and his mother and his wife would take care of him. But then a miracle happened. One day, his will to live surprisingly returned, even though reconciles was going to die. He began to live his life with vigor. Every Sunday morning, he would climb the hill to the church, where his grandfather worked as a priest. He also received much attention from friends who had heard that has returned, and began to visit. much of his time is spent talking with them and drink locally produced wine, two bottles of each day. He was doing this because I wanted to at least die happy.

In the following months, she began to feel better and stronger. He decided to plant a garden and spend the rest of their days enjoying it. I did not expect to see the fruit, but at least enjoy the sea in the sun for fresh air.

After six months, Moraitis was still alive. He was reaping the fruits of the orchard, who was cleaning the vineyard, walking on the coast, and even began to work in his vineyard. He was waking up early in the morning, so it would be exposed to the sun all day, working and enjoying. He feeds on the fruits of the orchard planted. At night, she went to the local restaurant and play dominoes with friends for some time.

Even after a few years, he was still alive, and what is even more important, he felt healthy. He even extended his house and added a few more rooms in which they began producing their own wine, 1,500 liters of it.

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30 years later, he turned 97 he went to the doctor’s office for examination and to see what happened. Doctors have told him he had only six months left everyone had died. He survived them all, simply by not going to chemotherapy that was supposed to prolong his life for a bit. The only thing he did was returning back home in his birthplace. MORAITIS died when he was 102, healthy and happy. The reason for his death was just old age, cancer, according to the results of examinations, had disappeared.

What happened?

The most important thing to do when faced with a disease is to keep the faith and will not take the drugs. Another important thing is turning toward nature. That happened to Moraitis: he returned to Ikaria, placed on the Greek coast, a place very close to nature that has a lot of healthy foods. People living there are never get cancer or heart disease, almost never.

People do not use olive oil, legumes, carbohydrates, wheat grain bread and different spices including parsley, oregano, etc. on a daily basis. They feed red meat as seldom as once a week.

Although we are not very rich, the tables are always full of food and they are hanging out with our friends and family quite often. We do not live a fast life, we can always work, sometimes overnight, but not us to hurry. Do not watch TV, but instead we socialize, we say the people of the city.

The secret of their healthy life is the fact they do not rush through life. They eat and drink healthy ingredients, homemade products and walk every day, up to 20 kilometers. The afternoon is reserved for rest. They socialize and laugh and have fun all the time. They drink tea and consume homemade wine and food they have grown themselves.

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A recipe for healing based on the life of Ikaria

1. Rest

Take a break when you feel tired. Do not force your body to be active when you need sleep. People taking rest in the afternoons for about 5 hours have reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease 35 percent. By placing, the level of stress hormone is reduced.

2. Mediterranean diet

Eat homemade, fresh food in large quantities. Reducing the amount of meat in their diet, once a week. Consume grains, seeds and olive oil are homemade. Try also consume homemade bread made from whole grains. Besides fruits and vegetables, do not forget to eat fish.

3. Drinking a lot of tea

has diuretic properties and can remove toxins from the body, if grown naturally.

4. Be active and spend more time in nature

Take walks on a regular basis, sit in the sun, and spending time at sea and vegetation and forest . Work, do something and feel useful and complete.

5. Do not rush and release stress and fear of his life

Spend time with your family and friends, have fun, laugh, and expect nothing from life, just enjoy she. If you can, go to a place that is free of air pollution and smog, to a place where there is bound to do you harm. Do not think about the pain and other afflictions. Live freely, as if there were no pain and stress. MORAITIS did this and lived for so long that even people who survived told him not live more than 6 months.

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