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This Little Weed Is One Of The Planet’s Best Herbal Remedies


There are certain things in the world that receive little attention, and this little weed is one of them . It listed on construction sites, gravel pits or cracks in your driveway, but ignored or ripped and discarded. We are talking about the banana leaf.

This unpretentious weed is not to be confused with the banana-like fruit with the same name. Before continuing, banana leaf is actually a grass, not a weed. Now that we have clarified this, we can proceed. The banana is considered a folk medicine, commonly used by hikers to ward off mosquitoes but has been used as a herbal remedy flu, dog bites, and fevers since 1500.

For topical use:

As mentioned earlier, leaf banana can be rubbed on the skin as a natural product mosquito repellent. Sell ​​affected with banana and let the healing begin area. An interesting fact: it is a beneficial remedy that helps calm hemorrhoids


For internal treatment:

The digestive system is one of the most important systems in the body. It has a natural healing effect on the body and can also help people with allergies or celiac disease.

can be prepared in a banana leaf soothing tea cooking in soups, stir-fry or with vegetables like kale. Did you know that the seeds are too big? They are a great absorbable fiber that, when consumed before meals can help promote weight loss.

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Overall, this unpretentious plant has a lot of advantages, and is a true panacea. If you have skin rashes, arthritis, menstrual problems or digestive problems, banana leaf is an amazing resource that can stay healthy.

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