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This Is Why You Should Stop Eating Tilapia Immediately

The most important ingredient in fish – fish oil, which is not found in this fish

why tilapia is not good for your health

1. This fish is very popular because of its availability and inexpensiveness. However, you should learn everything you can possibly know about this fish before consuming it.

The consumption of fish may increase inflammation that are occurring in the body. Increased inflammation can lead to heart problems, asthma and other serious diseases. Consumption of this fish is worse than eating bacon or a hamburger. We eat fish to consume omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack, but this fish does the opposite -. Which increases the chances of having a heart attack

2. The consumption of farmed tilapia increase the risk of developing cancer by 10 times because it contains contaminants. Hazardous ingredients in these fish are often added to their feed. Actually, the feed given to farmed fish contains chicken feces. Pork and duck feces are also one of the main food for farmed fish.

3. The tilapia also contains high amounts of pesticides and antibiotics. The owners of fish farms give antibiotics to protect them from diseases that can spread easily because the farms are too full of fish. Pesticides are given to farmed fish against sea lice, and this pesticide can even kill wild salmon if the pesticide is consumed accidentally.


4. healthy nutrients commonly found in fish are very low in farmed fish. omega-3 fatty acids tilapia are much less useful for our body than omega-3 fatty acids found in wild fish varieties. Tilapia and other farmed fish also contain less protein than other varieties of wild fish. Furthermore, farmed fish contain more omega-6 acids, which can cause inflammation in the body if consumed in high doses.

5. Health problems, especially cancer are caused by a dangerous toxin called dioxin. This dangerous chemical is found in farmed fish. It is very difficult to clean our body of dioxin after its entry. You can stay in the body for up to 11 years.

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