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THIS is why cancer is so hard to cure: Tumours resist drugs designed to ‘starve’ them

Researchers in Spain found cancer cells detect glucose levels and have the ability to survive with almost no blood supply amid a mass.

is one of the reasons it is so difficult disease to cure, researchers said.

research funded by Cancer Research UK charity worldwide, identified one of the key biochemical mechanisms that allow cancer cells to survive without glucose -. a power supply

scientists discovered a group of proteins that can detect if glucose is present and acts as a “switch”.

When food, or glucose, is available, tumor cells using a biochemical pathway to survive and continue to grow.

But when no glucose, switching triggers a different way to achieve the same objective, and allow tumor cells to survive

Dr. Nabil Djouder, CNIO researcher and principal author of the article that he says :. “Tumor cells are very smart;. When a door that seemed essential to their growth and proliferation closed, open new ones that allow them to adapt to any stress and survive

” This is why mechanisms develop very sophisticated and learn to survive, and that is why it is so difficult to cure cancer. “

What is cancer?

In recent years, researchers have been keen to find out why some tumors resist anti-angiogenic widely used agents. – chemicals that stop forming new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels

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drugs work to starve cancer cells of nutrients and stop growing

. Dr. Djouder “This work shows how cancer cells survive in these conditions and in the center of a tumor mass, where almost no blood supply can reach them.

“These results are far from any clinical application at the time, however, represent a key piece of knowledge in the fight against cancer.”

Dr. Lara Bennett, Director of Communication Sciences at Cancer Research worldwide, is “what Dr. Djouder and his team have identified is a key element in the puzzle of cancer, why tumors, including hidden and separated from a supply of nutrients can continue to grow

“the results confirm what cancer researchers have known for a long time. cancer cells are resistant are they are intelligent.

“The next steps are to build on this knowledge so that patients can see the benefits for treatment in the future.”

The research was published in the journal Cancer Cell.

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