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This is Used by all Women, and it Doubles the Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Despite the vagina carries the natural cleansing process itself, 25% of women and despite warnings of gynecologists use the irrigator. And the risk of ovarian cancer doubles.

and prior to washing the vagina with the irrigator studies correlate with infections. However, the latest research from the United States on these risks has added ovarian tumor.

And while gynecologists urge women to not evaporated vagina irrigator, who see it as a benefit to health, such as hygiene – said Joel Brown, an epidemiologist, adding that it is necessary to reference to women who do not [

ovarian tumor is a silent murderer, and women usually before detection of the disease has no symptoms, so often react too late.

Analysis of the journal “Epidemiology” followed more than 41,000 women in the United States and Puerto Rico in 2013. Respondents from 35 to 74 years with the start of the study were healthy women, each of them he had a sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer. In July 2014, with 154 participants were diagnosed with ovarian tumors.

it was determined that women using irrigator for a year before the examination the risk of ovarian cancer doubled. A link between irrigation and the tumor was even stronger among women who had tumor cancer in the family history.

Clarice Veinberg Research Institute of Environmental Health in South Carolina says that no previous study had found a clear connection with ovarian cancer.

says he can not specify any other reason for using the irrigator, and there are many -. Against

The vagina naturally purifies and introduction of additional hygiene only ruins your natural balance and can cause excessive growth of harmful to create an infection and settled bacteria into the uterus bacteria, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

In any case, a quarter of women aged 15 to 44 do.

contributes to a wide range of products for the hygiene of the vagina, including several gels that promise scent of tropical fruit or a cookie.

Women who are rinsing the vagina think it is a mandatory part of regular care when preparing to have sex when the shower after sex, and all that because he heard from his mother or his friends. They do not know that can be harmful.

source: http: //cuisineandhealth.com

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